Sunday, April 15, 2007

Falcon Cycling Road Race

Lee and Rob cheering Jenna to the finish (photo by Ryan).

Today Rob, Katie, Jenna, Isaac, Lee and Ryan soldiered down to Colorado Springs to the Falcon Cycling Road Race. Racers were greeted with hefty winds, lots of sun, and climbs of varying grade. In the 4s the screws were turned right from the gun as half of the 100-man field was dropped in the first mile. All of the BlueSky 4s made the split, but with such a selective course the race was shattered within 10 miles. Isaac finished 8th, Lee top 15, Rob 40th, and Ryan's day ended prematurely as his entire group was led off course. In the Women's Open race, Jenna and Katie both made the prime selection on the first lap. Jenna soloed the last 2+ laps after losing touch with the breakaway but held on for 7th, while Katie paired up yesterday's win at Boulder-Roubaix with a fine 6th place.

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