Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More track fun...

I got my 11yr old son Wyatt out on the track today! Good times, we
are headed back saturday morning.

First Sprint Around Boulder's New Velodrome

That's it - I'm hooked. 45 minutes on the new Boulder Velodrome has convinced me that riding the track is one awesome sport! Kevin - you are right.

Dan grabbed a picture of Mike and myself to prove that Blue Sky Velo was one of the first teams on the track.... well at least in the Infield.


I got one picture of Mike on his rockin' new ride before his seat started slipping and no more track for Mike... at least last night. You know he'll be a regular from today on though.


Not only is riding the track far superior to being outside in the 6 degree temps, but it's an incredible workout. Check out 20 minutes of my heart rate - very easy to peg it without hardly pushing. Click for TrainingPeaks file viewer.


To give you a feeling for the corners, here's a picture of my co-worker Dirk going into Corner #3 - oh yeah, you stick, but it's scary... the first time. After a couple times around you don't even notice the banking. What you do notice are the G-forces!


So get over there and try it out.

Monday, December 22, 2008


hey kids:

how do we get a Scottish cyclocross event on the 2009 calendar?

check this out and tell me you don't wanna go.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rad Feet are Happy Feet

Yep, it's official: you're not cool until you get these on the ends of your getaway sticks.

The Bad-Ass Tall Sock will withstand mud and dust for your mountain/'cross adventures:

The Stay-Classy Standard Sock will show your shaven calves to best advantage on those cafe rides:

They make great stocking stuffers, too! Get on down to the shop and snag a few pairs before they're gone.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More from Cross Nationals in KC, MO...

The Blue Sky Nation was in full effect

Pre-race jitters when I thought I might finish Top 30...

Bill hates man hugs, so Hollywood and I try to give him lots of 'em

Hollywood warmin' up on the course, looks like a killer doesn't he?

Seriously... do you think she even likes racing 'cross?!?!?

Susan layin' it down in one of the THREE races she did over four days.

Steve Capstick-- don't know this guy yet...? Get to know him, he's got an awesome outlook on the whole racing scene and it's contagious.

Momma Teasdale dicing it in the barriers with Moots' Michael Robson

THAT's a pit crew! Big props (again) to Rob, TJ, and the whole BSV crew for bending over backwards to help anybody with a number on their back

Bob the Builder gettin' his Hup Hup on...

'Hollywood' Harwood rockin' the Chamois Butt'r barriers in Saturday's 40-45 Master's race

Another man hug for Bill just prior to his start... what are friends for?

Steve Capstick made the drive out to KC solo... given the weather on the way home, I think that was harder than the actual racing!

Pale Power counting down the number of laps left to slog up that damn climb...

The view from 8 or 9 rows back... happy to report I did not get caught up in either of the two crashes in the first 30 seconds.

Ron Dreasher workin' hard to keep Steve Tilford off his tail.

Ready for battle

Kayla sportin' a bewildered look... she's either A) cold after just finishing her race, or B) in shock after seeing how white Dan's getaway stix are up close

Kayla stickin' it to 'em...

For those of you new to cross and used to racing in Colorado, the brown stuff on Susan's tires is called MUD. Maybe we'll get to race in some next year...

I swear she was racing half the time she was there! She is TOUGH.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cyclocross National Championships

The 2008 cyclocross national championships are in the books. Big props to all of the Blue Sky Velo folks who came out for some cyclocross fun Kansas City style. Also a big shout out to all of the Colorado folks who made the trek. It was cool to get support from so many different people along the course. Nameless people who would call you out by name or just yell, “GO Blue Sky Velo!” The most impressive to me was literally just moments after Brandon Dwight of Boulder Cycle Sport repeats as master men 35-39 national champion he’s out on the course cheering us on. Class act!

Pics below form Thursday's action are from Red Rocks Velo rider Jimmy Heuck. To see the entire set, go here.
Warming up for the 40+ B race

Hollywood Harwood keeping in balance

Bob the Builder running the stairs
Mr. Kansas City up the stairs

Everyone's Mother making up places

A special thanks needs to go out to Blue Sky Cycles hardmen Rob and TJ. These guys kept our bikes clean and dialed the entire weekend and provide PRO pit support during the races. You guys rock!

T.J. dialing in a Ridley

Rob at the start with a "B" bike -- just in case

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rob Love... Overcoming.

Sunday... Cross Nats
Rob Love overcame:
-a front fork snapping off on the highway at 70 mph
-a super fast fork swap in the hotel parking lot at 7:17 am
-driving 100+ mph to the venue to make an 8 am start in time
-a shattered carbon seatpost during the race
-male and female nudity on the course
Is it any wonder he looks a little aggro on the run-up?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

Dinner with the team

What will Mark sing next?

day 1, late update

hey kids:

this is what we know about nationals at this point:

1. bryan harwood is the MAN

2. susan and kayla will ROCK tomorrow.

3. Bob can't get his mind off cx-flyovers for next years blue sky velo race

4. Teasdale is sharpening his elbows for the next race.

5. Rob is making friends with the wash-truck guys and getting us pro treatment on all the bikes

6. Tim is so immersed in Redline that we may never see him again.

7. Ron is wearing the same kit tomorrow that he wore today in an attempt to ward off other racers.

8. Scott Fliegelman will live to fight another day.

9. The food at the venue sux.

10. the mud here is greeeezy.

11. dave towle is pimping blue sky velo like it's his job (because, in a way, it is)

12. the internet connection is crap at the hotel, and the lack of pictures may drive you crazy, but you are going to have to deal.

13. Rob's yellow shoes aren't so bright anymore.

14. it is 1:50 am, and is 40 degrees and raining outside.

15. goodnight you princes of maine, you kings of new england.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nats Day 1

Day one of cyclocross nationals is in the books. Pics to come later.


7th - Susan Preito
29th - Kayla Thomason

B - Mens 30-39

35th - Rob Love

B - Mens 40+

6th - Bryan Harwood
19th - Bill Teasdale
39th - Bob Prieto
86th - Ron Dreaser

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2nd gas stop

8 miles to the gallon! That is right eight.

Coffee from Whitney on Colby KS

First real coffee ... She even made my cap dry!

BSV Nation on the road

Colby KS.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Look Out, Missouri.

Rob's closet is coming.

Imelda Marcos would be impressed -- if her obsessions were sunglasses and gloves.

Worlds will fall before the man with the box of sunglasses.

And this just plain makes sense.

Good luck to everyone who is making their way to the Show Me State. (Yes, it's really NOT in Kansas this time.)

And I know you punks have something to show them. Giggity! Let's make the whole country fear the power of Blue Sky Velo.

Stay tuned here...Rob is going to blog from the road...so you may as well plan to waste valuable work time reading and talking smack in the comments. I know I will.

Monday, December 8, 2008

State Champs - Blue Sky Velo

Blue Sky Velo racers not only showed up best-dressed at yesterday's State Cross Championships, there were best-of-show-brats, best-placed easy-up and some damn good competition from the women and men in red, white, black and blue. Check 'em out:

Cat3 and Singlespeed at 'Cross States

The dirtiest 'stache.

Chad is hupping it up.

Farrell rocking his phantom carbon wheels.

Jim is really rocking the cowbell, er, or something.

The Magician in the sand.

Dan and Chad through the gauntlet.

Harwood with his svelte Nijs-like dismount.

I think Rob's shoes burnt out my camera lens.