Friday, December 12, 2008

day 1, late update

hey kids:

this is what we know about nationals at this point:

1. bryan harwood is the MAN

2. susan and kayla will ROCK tomorrow.

3. Bob can't get his mind off cx-flyovers for next years blue sky velo race

4. Teasdale is sharpening his elbows for the next race.

5. Rob is making friends with the wash-truck guys and getting us pro treatment on all the bikes

6. Tim is so immersed in Redline that we may never see him again.

7. Ron is wearing the same kit tomorrow that he wore today in an attempt to ward off other racers.

8. Scott Fliegelman will live to fight another day.

9. The food at the venue sux.

10. the mud here is greeeezy.

11. dave towle is pimping blue sky velo like it's his job (because, in a way, it is)

12. the internet connection is crap at the hotel, and the lack of pictures may drive you crazy, but you are going to have to deal.

13. Rob's yellow shoes aren't so bright anymore.

14. it is 1:50 am, and is 40 degrees and raining outside.

15. goodnight you princes of maine, you kings of new england.


Marty said...

Yes, the lack of pictures is driving me crazy. Didn't any of you people bring cameras that work? :) And why are you blogging at 2am? Does Ron smell that bad?

Paul in Colorado said...

OK, can you draw some pictures???? This is like radio!!!
Good Luck with all your races. Drink plenty of water and
Go Blue Sky!!!