Monday, December 8, 2008

Cat3 and Singlespeed at 'Cross States

The dirtiest 'stache.

Chad is hupping it up.

Farrell rocking his phantom carbon wheels.

Jim is really rocking the cowbell, er, or something.

The Magician in the sand.

Dan and Chad through the gauntlet.

Harwood with his svelte Nijs-like dismount.

I think Rob's shoes burnt out my camera lens.


Mindy Glover said...

great pix Jenna. Bryan is going so love the Sven Nys comment!!!

GenghisKhan said...

Nice pics, but weather looks too nice to be a true cross event! ;o) K.O.S.S.--Keep on Single Speedin'!
Ride One or Ride None

Mindy Glover said...

oh, and apologies for the misspell of Nijs...never really see it in print, just hear it blaring on youtube day in and day out ;)

Isaac said...

Actually, I think "Nys" is the correct spelling!