Sunday, December 7, 2008

a balmy december Sunday

Blue Sky Nation Citizens holding a sand-vigil.

hey kids:

thanks to everyone who came out to the CX champs today! it was really great to have the blue sky tent set up in the sandbox, and to have so many people cheering for me throughout the course.

the race was a dry, fast race--something completely unexpected judging from the conditions of yesterday's set-up. There was easily an inch of snow on the grass yesterday as of 4pm, and the Boulder-santa-ana winds blew 50 degree air at 50 miles an hour and melted all the snow like some sort of giant hairdryer.

anyway, i digress. the first race of the day for me was the 4's. i was a little frantic before the start--forgetting to go pick up my number (thanks to Bill for the heads-up on that) and then getting a slow leak in the rear. Thankfully, Mavic was there and Mark dialed me.

i rolled down for the call-up, just as the chief com was relegating Dean Haas, the most serious 5280 contender for the title, to the last row after he was screwing around and crashed someone out when he was warming up. it was a bummer, but DBC events doesn't pull any punches. it was bad to have to make an example, but i think the example was made and hopefully everyone has their head screwed on right when they are warming up. So, that was good for us, and i had bryan grace on my wheel--along with a whole cadre of blue sky nation ready to go into battle. Props to jeremy on the loaner bike--thanks for coming out!

the gun goes off and we drag race up the pave to the first u-turn leftie. i took the holeshot and sat in on the downhill. The first lap was a blur--flying into the sandpit and getting good lines through the backside of the course. lap two was settling out, and Neal Rogers from VeloNews was whipping us like a rented mule. Then, outta nowhere he dabs coming out of a slow u-turn and crashes me into the tape. My bike gets tangled and like that, contact with the front is gone. Now, most of you might be saying--"but rob, why didn't you hockey-check that punk into the dirt and stay upright?" well, that thought did cross my mind... along with the thought of running Neal over as he fell in front of me. but, in the end i guess i am just getting soft in my old age. plus, rubbing's racing, as the imortal Cole Trickle always says.

moments before the course-tape tango.

i get back on my horse and burn some matches trying to catch back up to Grace, but it is no use. i settle in and watch the front of the race ride away from me. but, as i look down at my feet, i realize that i have really cool shoes, and that counts for something. HUGE PROPS to the Mavic guys back at HQ for getting me styled on these kicks. the virgin ride was comfy and righteous.

i think i still have an after-image burned into my retinas.

these things even out-bling Mattie-O's "vernice" Sidi's. Damn!

the rest of the race was pretty uneventful... just rockin out and having a blast on the course. i rolled in for a moderately-respectable 11th.

Bob Prieto rockin it hardcore with the Heliums

Dan "exo-skeleton" Farrell down to his fighting weight for nat's

Stay Classy, Bryan Harwood.

Bryan Grace, on his way to a stellar 6th place.

Andy Harmon hittin the sand.

out for a nice summer december ride.

Race numbero dos was the singlespeed class, and as i lined up with my friends, i was feeling pretty good. the sparklespeed was running like a top, and my shoes still burned my retinas when i looked at them. we take off and pretty much immediately run up the ass of the cat3 field, which took off a minute ahead. i bob and weave through traffic, sitting in 5th place, and start to settle in to a rhythm, trading spots with Eric Kuo--a scrappy ex-courier with a penchant for vintage cross frames. check him out at the next event and tell me that kid don't scream old school.

so there i am, airing into the sandpit every lap and actually feeling better than i did during the geared race when disaster strikes. within a lap, both my quads sieze up in some wicked charlie-horse action. i can't even pedal, and try to rub out the cramp as i coast through the downhills. sadly, i had to pull it over and lie down on the ground as my legs siezed completely. Luckily, JP Robb was on the scene with a water bottle and some words of encouragement, as the realization that this is the first race i have not finished all year sets in. i watch Bevans go by, and limp back to the pit.

however, a couple of brats and a gallon of water later and i am feeling pretty damn good, and the rest of the day is rad--just counting my blessings to be out riding in the sunshine.

Paul McCarthy--you are the man. you know why. it's called hydration, and you were there when i needed you today. thanks.

and of course, Marty was on hand not only to shoot some rad photos, but to keep me on point with the recovery drinks, rockin at the Mavic SSC central nervous center, and various whatnot so i can do all this all over again thursday in Kansas City.


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Glad you got a shot of Harwood taking the course with him.