Friday, October 30, 2009

Back on the Chain Gang

Under blue skies, the Friday noon setup crew packs down the Xilinx course, in preparation for tomorrow's Blue Sky Velo Cup:

And the finish line goes up:

Conditions look perfect for tomorrow. Expect the bike wash to be busy!

-- Peter Schow

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Blue Sky Velo Cup Technical Guide

Hey cross fans. The technical guide for the October 31st Blue Sky Velo Cup has been posted to the race website at

Please note that the UCI categories are pre-registration only. ACA categories can register on the day of the race, but there will be a $10 late fee.

Save you $10 for a tasty Belgium beer and pre-register online at

A big shout out to Jeff at Leaving It Better for being a supporter of cyclocross racing. Make sure you stop by and say hi to him in the vendor area on race day and tell him thanks!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

MORE COWBELL: Frisco - Day 2

For some of those BSV members who didn't get enough cowbell on Frisco Day 1, they came back for some seconds on Frisco Day 2. It was 40-50 degrees, fall-like weather and the beer was still flowing strong. The VELO represented, again, in the SM 35+, SM 35+ Cat 4, SW Open, SW 35+, SW 4, SM 55+, & SM Cat 4's. Here are some pics of all the crew.

Kevin & Derrick; Ready to Race!

Nola, enjoying cheering for 'Daddy' (aka Kevin Abraham) during the 35+ OpenBilly T. manhandling the gravel - Makin' it look easy

Dan Farrell picking his line

Carl Boni showing everyone a lil' bit of how CX is done

Kevin A. using his ox-like road legs to kick-up some dust

Bill T. - Like a Knife Thru Butter
Dan F. yelled to the crowd, 'Check out these skillz in the sand'
Carl Boni: Yes, that is a smile on his face!
Kevin A. comin' in hot
Billy T - 'Eat my Dust'
Dan F. - 'Better than a Gazzelle'
Kevin A. & Carl B. - 'This is how it's done'
Kids CX Practice: Over the barrier and Derrick's elbow is looking good on the left side of the bike
SM 35+ Cat 4 Race
Dave K. putting the hammer down at the start
Dave Kilmoyer - mashin' thru the sand
Lee G. off the front on a hammer sesh
Lee showin' the fellas how the hill is done
Doug R. "This is seriously so fun"
Bob P. - Killin' It
Dave Kilmoyer
SW Open Racer
Kristal Boni Warming Up
Susan P. Warming Up
Lee G. in 2nd place
Bob P.
Dave K.
Lee G. - Barriers
Bob P. - Barriers, still lookin' strong
Wes - Barriers
Dave K - 'That's all the barriers you got for us?'
SW 35+ & SW Cat 4
Michelle V. riding down the 1st area of wood chips - "Gettin' the weight behind the seat"
Kayla T. showing mad skillz thru the corner

Michelle V. - Roll on man, Roll on
Michelle V. kept the legs moving due to Bob & Susan's Chants: Thanks you GUYS! You totally earned super racer/fan status!
Kayla T - Kickin' Rump Over the Barriers
Michelle V - 'Coming On Thru'
Frisco Day 2 ROCKED. Fun was had by each and every one of us! See you all next week gang.

Monday, October 5, 2009

HUP HUP: Frisco - Day 1

Cross was definitely in the THIN air for the BSV clan on Day 1 in Frisco. The compound was established early in the day and the brats were grillin' on Merle for all who attended. Here are some pics from the epic adventure:

35+ Open Brian H. showing his mad skills downhill

Erica and Roxy cheering for Toby35+ Cat 4's Rockin' it

Dave - really? Only 1 gear?Bob cornering like a sports car
Kayla and SW 35+SW Cat 4 Racers
Steve Kahn in 55+Michelle over the barriers
Andy & Cat 4's race!

Youngest riding BSV member - Derrick in his BSV jersey during the kids race.