Monday, October 5, 2009

HUP HUP: Frisco - Day 1

Cross was definitely in the THIN air for the BSV clan on Day 1 in Frisco. The compound was established early in the day and the brats were grillin' on Merle for all who attended. Here are some pics from the epic adventure:

35+ Open Brian H. showing his mad skills downhill

Erica and Roxy cheering for Toby35+ Cat 4's Rockin' it

Dave - really? Only 1 gear?Bob cornering like a sports car
Kayla and SW 35+SW Cat 4 Racers
Steve Kahn in 55+Michelle over the barriers
Andy & Cat 4's race!

Youngest riding BSV member - Derrick in his BSV jersey during the kids race.


Aharmon said...

Dave is my hero. I curl up into the fetal position just thinking about racing with 1 gear. Maybe I'll just have to man up and try it. Do you automatically get beer-hand-ups if you race a single speed?

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