Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Blue Sky Velo team tent - hot coffee, water & shelter

3/24/07 - A huge thank you to our '07 Blue Sky Velo sponsors for providing product as part of some incredible 1st lap primes (worth $500 each!!).

I hope that many of you reading this note used the Pumphouse, Jade Mountain Health, Longmont Athletic Center and Optical Center discounts that were good for 3/24 only. [Unfortunately, the 100 or so I left under racer's windshield wipers during the 60 minutes of dry weather most likely turned to paper mache way before the car's owner returned... I'm sure however that some coupons were redeemed. ]

Regardless of the day's weather (or more likely because of the cold weather), we emptied 4 full boxes of Ziggi's coffee (many comments were heard regarding the great tasting coffee). Ziggi's logo'd water bottles didn't go quite as fast, but the one guy who used one on his bike (since he forgot a water bottle) was sure glad we had them on the table! Thank you Brandon for Ziggi's Coffee support. Support Ziggi's at http://www.ziggiscoffee.com/

Andrew from Jade Mountain Health came prepared to offer free massages all day, but with 6 inches of mud we had to keep moving from sinking in past our ankles ourselves, let alone set up a massage table under the tent! So Andrew helped me 'sell' free coffee, hand out water and coupons and put a friendly face on our Blue Sky Velo table. Get your body in order at www.jademtnhealth.com

The Optical Centre offered a 30% off deal for the day and although I'm not sure if anyone took them up on sunglasses (hard product to think of when its 40 degrees and pouring rain) (I wonder, does anyone wear sunglasses in Seattle?). However, Amy (team member hanging out at the table) sold a pair of Tufosi sunglasses to some forward thinking guy. Thanks Jeff for your support. Stop by and see all Jeff's new styles at www.great-glasses.com

Ron provided one very good looking (and now quite washed) banner. The banner turned out great and will be used many more times this year hopefully in more favorable conditions. Thanks Ron's Printing for your support! Whether you've got 10 photocopies to make or a big printing job, you will find incredibly helpful, honest and knowledgeable service at Ron's Printing. Start here: www.ronsprinting.com

Tim, I know would have loved to have been at the race and one of these days we'll convince him to enter the actual race! Thank you for providing your monetary support from Edward Jones. I've got 137 club members who will tell you this team is a great investment. If you want great advice and consultation on your personal investments, give Tim Menefee a call at (720) 652-7231.

Sugoi performed perfectly in the weather. The new vests and jackets are excellent quality, the new bibs quite comfy. Now all Sugoi needs i a material resistant to mud!... Thank you to Sugoi's local representative Tim for providing $150 value of product for each of the 4 primes our team gave to the race. Those primes went a long way in promoting both our team and sponsors including Sugoi! Regardless of what sporting activity you are doing today, www.sugoi.com most likely has a product that will fit the situation. (and many are available locally at Blue Sky Cycles.

Speaking of which, check out www.blueskycyclesonline.com, our title sponsor's new website - helpful, useful, informational.... but nothing like stepping into the store, sitting at the bar and 'ordering' a new Giant. For the race Blue Sky donated socks, water bottles and complete sets of Enervit for each prime. Thanks Blue Sky Cycles. Don't miss them online or in person - corner of Nelson and Airport in Longmont, Colorado.

The Longmont Athletic Center (LAC) continued their generous support and showed it in specific Saturday by providing a 3 month free membership to the LAC for each of the 4 prime prize bags. Thanks Laura for your support. Make sure you not only check out www.longmontathleticclub.com online but stop in and take a tour of the facilities (2 located in Longmont). If you're looking for a great rec center - you'll find it at the LAC.

The Pumphouse.... what can I say besides mention the number of people who came up asking for a beer. (I'm not sure what they were thinking - it was cold and wet all around us) maybe they were just dreaming of sitting in the Red Zone watching a Belgiun Spring Classic bike race on one of the many TV's rather than being an intiment part of the mud. Thanks as always Ross and everyone at the Pumphouse for continuing to support our team with your great food and incredible beer. I strongly suggest anyone reading this, stop 'wasting' your time and head over to the Pumphouse right now. Check out the specials here: www.pumphousebrewery.com

Dirk Friel got 2nd at Saturday's (pro) race... was it because the www.trainingpeaks.com logo was on the Blue Sky Velo banner hanging so close to the start/finish line? I'd like to think so! And a 2nd place in such miserable conditions definitely sells the product Training Peaks. Virtual coaches, real coaches, training plans.... download and watch your power files - whatever you need that can make your training more successful, www.trainingpeaks.com will get you started. Thanks to Dirk and his company for the 4 prime prizes they provided of 6 month free memberships to traininpeaks.com. And thanks of course for their support of Blue Sky Velo - go check em out.

Keymark Enterprises provides the dollars that help make the team run and your assistance is much appreciated! And hey, if someone is looking for some serious house design automation software - look no further, www.keymark.com will get you more than you ever knew you needed.

Finally, thank you to Jodi and her Fitness Consulting company JOCO Fitness Consulting. Jodi is soon leaving the crazy unpredictable weather here in Colorado for sunny southern California. Blue Sky Velo wishes you the very best in Cali - don't forget us out here and visit often. We'll most likely be fat and lazy without your spin classes, fitness training and Jamestown ascents. Thanks for your sponsorship over the past 3 years!

I guess that's it - wow we have some incredible sponsors. Blue Sky Velo is very lucky for the support all of you provide. Thank you!

Blue Sky Velo volunteers brave the elements

Blue Sky Velo fielded nearly 40 volunteers to marshall, sweep the course, park cars and keep racers warm with Ziggi's coffee.

The word on the street is that Blue Sky Velo's team effort was greatly appreciated. One comment on the Teton forum was, "The real heros of the Cateye RR today were the marshalls and volunteers."

Jon Tarkinton (of Vitamin Cottage team fame) made the comment, "Yesterday went a LONG, LONG way in solidifying your team's reputation. Nice work."

And at the Stazio race Sunday 3/25 (day after Cateye), comments were made to Blue Sky Velo rider (and winner of SW Open) Katie Monahan that included, "nothing but compliments for BSV!"

Up in Ft. Collins at the CSU Crit, similar comments were made to Blue Sky Velo racer Doug Heggart, "I had people coming up and thanking
us for a great job [regardless of] such terrible weather".

All in all - regardless of the wet/muddy/cold weather, Blue Sky Velo made a great impression on race officials, racers and fans alike!

Monday, March 26, 2007

3/24/07 Cateye Road Race - a muddy success!

Blue Sky Velo proved their meddle Saturday with nearly 40 volunteers braving the mud, cold and downpouring rain to marshall the Cateye Road Race just north of Longmont, Colorado.

Not only was the volunteering effort and promotion of Blue Sky Velo's sponsors a success, Blue Sky's racers put out an incredible effort and showed Colorado that in Blue Sky Velo is a force to be reckoned with in 2007!

Katie Monahan (pictured above) won the Senior Women's Open (fighting through the mud against Pro's, SW1's SW2's and Katie's class SW3's. I'm not sure if the couple hundred dollars of prize money quite paid for the muddy bike and dirt in the back of the eyeballs....

3rd place - SM3 - Barry Schmidt (Left), originally uploaded by duerkboy.

Barry Schmidt (also pictured here - left of picture) placed his best in a Road Race proving his form for 2007. 3rd place by mere inches. Imagine sprinting in a downpour in sticky, soupy mud... your eyes can barely open due to the mud plastered eye lids, your legs are heavy both with 50 miles of racing + a pound or two of mud plaster of paris like clinging to your legs. Sounds like fun - well, there Barry was, smiling.

See more pictures here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/duerkboyspics/sets/72157600029642438/show/

Thursday, March 22, 2007

In the News: Eleanor Hamre named "GeezerJock" - Camera 12_22_07

Quotes from Chris Shelton's 12/22/07 Camera article about Blue Sky Velo's newest.... and oldest member:

In the December issue of GeezerJock magazine, Hamre was named the GeezerJock of the year for women 70-79.

Hamre, 70, this year earned silver medals in four events at the national senior games in Pittsburgh. She also set national time trial records in four different categories: 60-64, 65-69, 70-74 and tandem time trials.

"We became aware of her from nationals, and breaking records doesn't hurt," said GeezerJock editor Sean Callahan, based in Chicago. "She's the best rider over 55 in Colorado. That made her really stand out."

At nationals, Hamre took second place in the 5K and 10K time trials, and second place in the 20K and 40K road races. Her time trial record among 70-74 year olds stands at 34 minutes, 11 seconds for a 20K event.

She recently joined Blue Sky Velo in Longmont, which provides clubs so people can train together and promotes cycling and safety. Hamre can often be found heading out of Longmont on Colorado 66 to Lyons and either up the South St. Vrain, or on U.S. 36 and up to Ward and the Peak to Peak Highway.

Barry Schmidt Wins Frostbite Time Trial - 03/03/07

Barry Schmidt Won the Frostbite Time Trial, March 03, 2007. The race was held just North of Fort Collins, CO. Here is a brief race report from the man himself.
The weather predictions were right on for once! Blustery winds and bone chilling cold throughout the morning allowed the race to live up to its name… The Frostbite TT. Despite having to warm-up twice and jockey for an earlier start time the 12 mile course was pretty fun even with the wind. Racers hit speeds upwards of 38 mph on the way out and then struggled to maintain 20 on the way back. All in all, a good intro to the season!

Rob Love in the News - Camera writes about Love's Mavic Support at Tour

03/13/07 - in an article titled, "Here comes the cavalry: Longmont pair helps to keep cycling's elite in the race", Camera sports writer Zak Brown wrote a great story about the Mavic Support Team including Blue Sky Cycles shop owner and Blue Sky Velo's main sponsor, Rob Love. Read the entire article here: http://www.dailycamera.com/news/2007/mar/13/here-comes-cavalry-longmont-pair-helps-keep-cyclin/

Rob Love in the News: DailyTimesCall_03_07

3/15/2007 - Pam Mellskog, writer for The Daily Times-Call wrote a "A primer on easing off the couch and into the cycle saddle" titled, "Training to train". Two pictures were uses - both focused on Blue Sky Velo clad rider and Blue Sky Cycles shop owner, Rob Love.

In the article, Pam interviews Rob asking for a few tips and pointers for would-be cyclists just getting back on the bike after a long winter indoors. Read the article here: http://www.longmontfyi.com/Health-Story.asp?id=15198

Rob Love in the News: DailyTimesCall_03_07, originally uploaded by duerkboy.