Monday, March 26, 2007

3/24/07 Cateye Road Race - a muddy success!

Blue Sky Velo proved their meddle Saturday with nearly 40 volunteers braving the mud, cold and downpouring rain to marshall the Cateye Road Race just north of Longmont, Colorado.

Not only was the volunteering effort and promotion of Blue Sky Velo's sponsors a success, Blue Sky's racers put out an incredible effort and showed Colorado that in Blue Sky Velo is a force to be reckoned with in 2007!

Katie Monahan (pictured above) won the Senior Women's Open (fighting through the mud against Pro's, SW1's SW2's and Katie's class SW3's. I'm not sure if the couple hundred dollars of prize money quite paid for the muddy bike and dirt in the back of the eyeballs....

3rd place - SM3 - Barry Schmidt (Left), originally uploaded by duerkboy.

Barry Schmidt (also pictured here - left of picture) placed his best in a Road Race proving his form for 2007. 3rd place by mere inches. Imagine sprinting in a downpour in sticky, soupy mud... your eyes can barely open due to the mud plastered eye lids, your legs are heavy both with 50 miles of racing + a pound or two of mud plaster of paris like clinging to your legs. Sounds like fun - well, there Barry was, smiling.

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