Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Blue Sky Velo volunteers brave the elements

Blue Sky Velo fielded nearly 40 volunteers to marshall, sweep the course, park cars and keep racers warm with Ziggi's coffee.

The word on the street is that Blue Sky Velo's team effort was greatly appreciated. One comment on the Teton forum was, "The real heros of the Cateye RR today were the marshalls and volunteers."

Jon Tarkinton (of Vitamin Cottage team fame) made the comment, "Yesterday went a LONG, LONG way in solidifying your team's reputation. Nice work."

And at the Stazio race Sunday 3/25 (day after Cateye), comments were made to Blue Sky Velo rider (and winner of SW Open) Katie Monahan that included, "nothing but compliments for BSV!"

Up in Ft. Collins at the CSU Crit, similar comments were made to Blue Sky Velo racer Doug Heggart, "I had people coming up and thanking
us for a great job [regardless of] such terrible weather".

All in all - regardless of the wet/muddy/cold weather, Blue Sky Velo made a great impression on race officials, racers and fans alike!

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