Saturday, May 12, 2007

5/12/07 Barking Dog Duathlon

Since I was wearing the Blue Sky colors Saturday at the Barking Dog Duathlon, I thought I would give you an update on my race. It was a 5K, 30K, 5K duathlon. I am now in the 40-44 age group which is tougher then lasts years age group. But, anyway, the Felt F2 was awesome for me.
There were 5 waves and our wave started 2nd to last, so that meant the last 5K run would be hot. I had a goal race finish time of 1:35:00 and I finished in 1:31:38, so I blew my goal out the door. I end up finishing 60thth out of my age group. Yeah tough crowd, these old guys! I rode the 30K in 45:14 which was 41st fastest, so I was happy with that. I did get a cramp in my right calf that slowed me down a little. If that had not happened I would have broke 45 I think. Anyway, it was a good day for me, I did not win anything, but I think I wore the Blue Sky colors pretty well. I have to work on my run a little more. Next Duathlon June 7, 2007. out of 471, so that was not bad, but 13

Wheels Of Thunder Race Report

This morning was a scorcher on South Table Mountain in Golden, and BlueSky racers were out in full force in SW3/35+, SM 35+, and SM3. Jenna and I escaped the heat at the first opportunity so I'm not sure if we represented in other races.

Wheels Of Thunder was a very well organized race put on by the ICCC team. Each race had many premes and a wealth of prizes to the top finishers. The course was the usual S. Table Mtn racetrack run counter-clockwise.

Jenna was battling sickness leading up to this morning, but she soldiered on to the start line for the SW3/35+ race. After talking up the prospects of Jenna attacking and taking some premes, it was clear from the gun that her cold was taking some zap out of the legs. After many a lap of seeing the disappointed-husband-shaking-the-head look -- and after thinking about the prospect of having to blog on a crappy race -- Jenna cowgirl'ed up in the final lap. After muscling herself up into a sprint position, Jenna launched herself to the line and nabbed her first podium in SW3!

3 hours later Kevin and Isaac lined up for the SM3 race. Kevin was doubling up after already racing the SM35+ race that had literally just finished. He sucked down some Enervit and readied for more! The SM3 race could best be described as chaotic. With $20 premes every other lap, guys were launching themselves at every opportunity. At the 26.5 mph pace, however, nothing was going to stick for long. Isaac mixed it up at the front for a while before he saw the writing on the wall and decided it might be best to sit in for a bit. Kevin cruised along noting how much smoother the SM35+ were in the corners. On the final lap mayhem ensued when a score of riders went down in the chicane corners. Kevin was one of the first to hit the downed riders and he somersaulted through the air -- luckily he landed on another ride and saved his skin! Isaac maneuvered around the crash but was gapped from a lead group of about 30 riders. On the recovery lap Kevin and Isaac scoped out the damage from the crash: one rider's Zipp wheel was broken clean in half ... it looked like the thing was cut with one of the knives you see on late-night infomercials. Other riders were walking back to the finish through the rattlesnake infested field.

Yep, just another day up on South Table Mountain!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

5/5/07 - Day 5 of the Gila - Gila Monster

DSC_1485, originally uploaded by duerkboy.

The last day of the Tour of the Gila - the Gila Monster. Our SM3 Goal was to hang through the first hills, then soon as we hit the Mimbres valley, Will and Barry were going to drive the front, me in 3rd and we'd gutter all the stinkin' climbers who will inevitably kick ass on the climb.

Everything went as planned except for the wind. Usually its a strong crosswind that gutters everyone except the hardcore breaks of which there are always numerous attacks through the valley since its the last day. But Will and Barry - pro tour like drove the front of the group at 23 mph average straight into a headwind for over 45 minutes. With no crosswind the plan didn't really work - no one got guttered. But they kept the pace so that high the group stayed strung out single file the entire valley!! Other riders later said they were amazed and "finally a real road race" "you're team looked totally PRO", etc. But the climbers just got to sit back in the draft and although nobody could break, it all stayed together and we didn't drop anyone that I know of. We got to the foot of the Sapillo climb and Will came blowing by me yelling "get on my wheel". I did and got the best ride of the day around the final flat corner and straight into the climb. Unfortunately, my lungs were blowing (a bad head cold took firm grasp only a few hours later, so the beginning of a cold was swooping in). I gave it my best but immediately got swarmed by 40 some guys. A group of 3 or 4 went off the front and nobody ever saw them again. I rode by myself and just kept getting passed. Finally I caught my breath and started picking them off again. I tried working with a few small groups - 2s and 3s, but until I joined up with some junior from Boulder. He and I pacelined for a good 10 miles down descents up climbs and flats. This is actually a real fun climb - not all steep climbing, but fun winding forested roads and sweeping turns. Unfortunately, when you're as strung out as I was, I noticed absolutely nothing. Kay dropped me on the last pitch and I just dug in and held my place through the finish. Not a brilliant day, but as for team tactics it played out perfectly - Will and Barry did an awesome job.

Katie stuck right at the front of her field and Rob and Jose put in great races as well.

Results are here:

Check out pictures from the whole Tour here:

Friday, May 4, 2007

5/4/07 - Day 4 of the Gila - Criterium

DSC_0998, originally uploaded by duerkboy.

The 4th day of the Gila was the Silver City Criterium. The race is generally safe with 1 big hill in the middle and a couple sketchy corners. Rob raced a great SM4 race. Katie stuck it at the front for the entire SW123 race until the last 2 laps when her Ksyrium busted a spoke when another rider stuck her rear derailleur in Katie's wheel. She still finished but after riding the last 2 laps essentially with the brakes on. Jeremy, Will and Barry showed Silver City the Blue Sky colors with a good show.

Results are here:

Check out pictures from the whole Tour here:

Thursday, May 3, 2007

5/3/07 - Day 3 of the Gila - Inner Loop Road Race

DSC_0958, originally uploaded by duerkboy.

Day 3 of the Tour of the Gila was the Inner Loop Road Race. Unlike last year when all 3 of us (Will, Barry and Jeremy) completely cracked during this stage, our goal was to hang with the front over the Sapillo, then work through the valley and just stay with the group. Well, we all got dropped - Barry got crashed out, Will waited for him and Jeremy hung in a bit longer but still couldn't stay with the front group over the Sapillo. Jeremy caught 2 others in the valley and they worked like dogs and caught back to the front group and finished with them an hour and 1/2 later.

Results are here:

Check out pictures from the whole Tour here:

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

5/2/07 - Incredible Support at the Gila!

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Just a note in the middle of this Gila report about our "Support Crew".

Rob and Susan Love (Rob's parents) live in Silver City and 'hosted' our rowdy bunch at their house. The home-made dinners, eggs and oatmeal at 5:30am and comfy sleeping quarters made this race (for the 2nd year) an absolute vacation.

Until their race started on day 3, Rob and Jose handed up feed bags, shuttled between feeds, cleaned and prepped bikes making for a great start to the race.

And Suzanne (Jeremy's wife) came along this year and despite a broken left arm gave amazing, rejuvinating massages every day after the race!

5/2/07 - Day 2 of the Gila

DSC_0797, originally uploaded by duerkboy.

Day 2 of the Tour of the Gila is the Mogillan Road Race. Being the first road race day, everyone is usually a bit nervous and although there is always quite a few attacks (usually at the feed zones), most of the contenders are content to hang in the pack until the big climb at the end. The Mogillan climb is very steep and much too long with the finish at the top of the climb.

Results are here:

Check out pictures from the whole Tour here:

My goal was to just hang in the pack, then try to stick with the top dudes into the 2nd climb then just climb my own pace.

It worked and I got 13th on the stage... truly amazing myself. The flat parts of the stage were easy - and without as many squirrels as last year. I stayed with the front on the first climb and through the mesa, lost the front on the 2nd climb but picked 5-7 off as I picked up speed riding my own pace. - Jeremy

Barry and Will finished strong up the climb as did Katie.

5/2/07 - Blue Sky Velo rocks the Gila TT - Day 1

DSC_0621, originally uploaded by duerkboy.

The first day of the 2007 Tour of the Gila was an Individual Time Trial. It started with a bit of rain. Wind came from all directions, never just one, so had headwinds, tailwinds, crosswinds, throughout the TT. Barry, Will and Jeremy all did better than the year before and Katie put in a great time for her first TT. Results are here:

Check out pictures from the whole Tour here: