Wednesday, May 2, 2007

5/2/07 - Day 2 of the Gila

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Day 2 of the Tour of the Gila is the Mogillan Road Race. Being the first road race day, everyone is usually a bit nervous and although there is always quite a few attacks (usually at the feed zones), most of the contenders are content to hang in the pack until the big climb at the end. The Mogillan climb is very steep and much too long with the finish at the top of the climb.

Results are here:

Check out pictures from the whole Tour here:

My goal was to just hang in the pack, then try to stick with the top dudes into the 2nd climb then just climb my own pace.

It worked and I got 13th on the stage... truly amazing myself. The flat parts of the stage were easy - and without as many squirrels as last year. I stayed with the front on the first climb and through the mesa, lost the front on the 2nd climb but picked 5-7 off as I picked up speed riding my own pace. - Jeremy

Barry and Will finished strong up the climb as did Katie.

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