Tuesday, October 6, 2009

MORE COWBELL: Frisco - Day 2

For some of those BSV members who didn't get enough cowbell on Frisco Day 1, they came back for some seconds on Frisco Day 2. It was 40-50 degrees, fall-like weather and the beer was still flowing strong. The VELO represented, again, in the SM 35+, SM 35+ Cat 4, SW Open, SW 35+, SW 4, SM 55+, & SM Cat 4's. Here are some pics of all the crew.

Kevin & Derrick; Ready to Race!

Nola, enjoying cheering for 'Daddy' (aka Kevin Abraham) during the 35+ OpenBilly T. manhandling the gravel - Makin' it look easy

Dan Farrell picking his line

Carl Boni showing everyone a lil' bit of how CX is done

Kevin A. using his ox-like road legs to kick-up some dust

Bill T. - Like a Knife Thru Butter
Dan F. yelled to the crowd, 'Check out these skillz in the sand'
Carl Boni: Yes, that is a smile on his face!
Kevin A. comin' in hot
Billy T - 'Eat my Dust'
Dan F. - 'Better than a Gazzelle'
Kevin A. & Carl B. - 'This is how it's done'
Kids CX Practice: Over the barrier and Derrick's elbow is looking good on the left side of the bike
SM 35+ Cat 4 Race
Dave K. putting the hammer down at the start
Dave Kilmoyer - mashin' thru the sand
Lee G. off the front on a hammer sesh
Lee showin' the fellas how the hill is done
Doug R. "This is seriously so fun"
Bob P. - Killin' It
Dave Kilmoyer
SW Open Racer
Kristal Boni Warming Up
Susan P. Warming Up
Lee G. in 2nd place
Bob P.
Dave K.
Lee G. - Barriers
Bob P. - Barriers, still lookin' strong
Wes - Barriers
Dave K - 'That's all the barriers you got for us?'
SW 35+ & SW Cat 4
Michelle V. riding down the 1st area of wood chips - "Gettin' the weight behind the seat"
Kayla T. showing mad skillz thru the corner

Michelle V. - Roll on man, Roll on
Michelle V. kept the legs moving due to Bob & Susan's Chants: Thanks you GUYS! You totally earned super racer/fan status!
Kayla T - Kickin' Rump Over the Barriers
Michelle V - 'Coming On Thru'
Frisco Day 2 ROCKED. Fun was had by each and every one of us! See you all next week gang.


Aharmon said...

Kilmoyer with gears? How unorthodox.

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