Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More from Cross Nationals in KC, MO...

The Blue Sky Nation was in full effect

Pre-race jitters when I thought I might finish Top 30...

Bill hates man hugs, so Hollywood and I try to give him lots of 'em

Hollywood warmin' up on the course, looks like a killer doesn't he?

Seriously... do you think she even likes racing 'cross?!?!?

Susan layin' it down in one of the THREE races she did over four days.

Steve Capstick-- don't know this guy yet...? Get to know him, he's got an awesome outlook on the whole racing scene and it's contagious.

Momma Teasdale dicing it in the barriers with Moots' Michael Robson

THAT's a pit crew! Big props (again) to Rob, TJ, and the whole BSV crew for bending over backwards to help anybody with a number on their back

Bob the Builder gettin' his Hup Hup on...

'Hollywood' Harwood rockin' the Chamois Butt'r barriers in Saturday's 40-45 Master's race

Another man hug for Bill just prior to his start... what are friends for?

Steve Capstick made the drive out to KC solo... given the weather on the way home, I think that was harder than the actual racing!

Pale Power counting down the number of laps left to slog up that damn climb...

The view from 8 or 9 rows back... happy to report I did not get caught up in either of the two crashes in the first 30 seconds.

Ron Dreasher workin' hard to keep Steve Tilford off his tail.

Ready for battle

Kayla sportin' a bewildered look... she's either A) cold after just finishing her race, or B) in shock after seeing how white Dan's getaway stix are up close

Kayla stickin' it to 'em...

For those of you new to cross and used to racing in Colorado, the brown stuff on Susan's tires is called MUD. Maybe we'll get to race in some next year...

I swear she was racing half the time she was there! She is TOUGH.


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