Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fuelin' the stoke

hey kids:

this is from a good Blue Sky friend, Chris Goffredo. he's a hard-workin' singlespeeder, and we can now sit at our computers and get fired up, thanks to these photos of his recent trip to fruita. (all pics and words by Chris)

A short, but always sweet getaway, especially in the fall. The weather was compliant. That's all I needed to know. Now just head west.

The first mountain of fresh snow and groves of golden aspens and I'm shooting pictures out the window hoping for a decent shot. Argh, that van is the tool supplier for tile setters like myself. What's the chances? At least we're going in opposite directions.

Arrived at 18 road in Fruita Colorado spinning the cranks already. 3 hours til dark, perfect.
The top of Zippety Do Da. One of the best trails in Colorado. Think six flags fun. No line and free

Casa de 18rd

???WTF This bugs head is shinier than mine. sweet

Day 2. Using the Kokopelli for guidance. There is no one to be found in the hood today.

Rim trail, Rabbit Valley, Colorado/ Utah

Trail below

One gear is all you need out here. At least that's what they told me.


Marty said...

Awesome, thanks for that! My stoke is so fueled now that I think I will need to call my doctor. It's been over four hours now...

Anonymous said...

But when do I get to ride with the fabled Blue Sky leaders?