Tuesday, December 23, 2008

First Sprint Around Boulder's New Velodrome

That's it - I'm hooked. 45 minutes on the new Boulder Velodrome has convinced me that riding the track is one awesome sport! Kevin - you are right.

Dan grabbed a picture of Mike and myself to prove that Blue Sky Velo was one of the first teams on the track.... well at least in the Infield.


I got one picture of Mike on his rockin' new ride before his seat started slipping and no more track for Mike... at least last night. You know he'll be a regular from today on though.


Not only is riding the track far superior to being outside in the 6 degree temps, but it's an incredible workout. Check out 20 minutes of my heart rate - very easy to peg it without hardly pushing. Click for TrainingPeaks file viewer.


To give you a feeling for the corners, here's a picture of my co-worker Dirk going into Corner #3 - oh yeah, you stick, but it's scary... the first time. After a couple times around you don't even notice the banking. What you do notice are the G-forces!


So get over there and try it out.


David said...

here are some more pictures of the velodrome being built and yeah those banks are steep.


Bilko said...

tilt your head to look thru the turn to where you are going... that will help save your neck and keep you from feeling G's soo much.
perpendicular to ground, not perpendicular track surface -- look at photos -- www.bf-one.com to see head tilt.

carlos flanders said...

At least there's no water bottle holder, Mike! Should be a bit safer.