Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Moonlight Snowshoe

Tuesday night. Brainard Lake Parking Lot. Full Moon. Light Snow. 20 +/- degrees. It was perfect Blue Sky weather for a snowshoe!

15 or 16 or maybe it was 17 (hope we didn't leave anyone!) Blue Sky'ers lit their headlamps around 8:30 pm and started trudging up the one of the forested trails. Jeremy & Suzanne's dogs had lit red collars and jingle bells and all four were running circles around the group. So there was no worry of running into bears or mountain lions! (I'd show you a picture of the dogs, but they all turned out looking like fireflys or fireworks buzzing around in the dark). Unfortunately, the dogs also scared away any possible sightings of Sasquatches.

Of course we started at the Pumphouse Brewery to get some good nourishment of the 'hops & wheat' variety before braving the outdoors.

Despite the fact that it looks cold, dark and snowy, snowshoeing with a bunch of people through the woods is a lot of fun ;)

Especially when there's lots of little pow wows... "what path are we on?" "anybody bring a compass" "anybody have a headlamp I can borrow? I didn't know it was going to be dark out here!" etc.

When we got to the actual Brainard Lake, it was amazing. The views were stupendous. Wait a minute, that was a different trip, the scenery wasn't actually that much different than it had been in the trees...

All joking aside, this snowshoe trip was awesome and if anyone cares about my recommendation, lets do it again! Thanks Rob and TJ for organizing!

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