Monday, September 15, 2008

Blue Skies at Brecktobercross

Blue Sky was out en masse for Sunday's Brecktobercross in Breckenridge.

Jennifer just happy she doesn't have to flatten Kevin's Coke.

Chad got on it from the gun and finished 3rd.

Kevin is moving on up.

Horacio finally gets to ride his sweet Reynolds wheels after mudding 'em up on Saturday.

Twinkle Toes Kilmoyer dancing on the pedals.

The Felpes and the Ridleys were out in full force.

The road to Nationals starts for Mr. T.

Farrell pouring it on in his 2nd 3s race.

Harwood opens the season with some BCR/T points.

Brecktobercross Results:
35+/4: Chad (3rd) Kevin (4th) Horacio (10th) Dave (16th) Patrick (20th) Ron (27th)
SM4: Ryan (13th) Bob (?)
SM3: Isaac (5th) Dan (17th) Bryan (18th) Bill (29th)
SWOpen: Susan (7th) Michelle (22nd)

Did I miss anyone? We'll get better with the photos and the video as we go along! We were out of practice.


Michelle said...

Nice Work Everyone! The BSV team was out in full force.

Mens 35+ Cat 4 - Dave K (16th)
Womens Open - Susan P (7th)
Womens Open - Michelle V (22nd)

We especially want to welcome Pat to his first ever race and can't wait to see his family out next time after the colds are over at home.
It was also awesome to see Bob wearing some BSV gear this year rockin' in the 4's.

Ryan said...

I ended up 13th. I should really line up at the front some time. I went from 35th at the start line to 13th at the finish. I loved hammering it up that hill by the BSV tent. Having people cheer me up the hill made all the difference.

Michelle said...

Ryan - from a spectator is way more fun watching you pass everyone from the back of the group and end in the front! ;) Especially when you are passing guys in front of the rockin' BSV tent.

Bryan said...

It was wonderful to see all the BSV team out in full support...we had 13 team members (plus our friends and families) racing in Breck compared to BCS at 9! Hope to see more of you out at the race this Sunday. CX has started and Nats are around the corner.

Chad said...

Man those skin suits look good! Great job everyone!!