Wednesday, June 3, 2009

shorttrack update

hey kids:

just thought i would sit down and bang out a shorttrack update from the races i did a couple of weeks ago... considering the rain has canceled tonight's event. (big thanks for Bryan grace for catching me on the diagonal to give me the news as i was riding to boulder). it's kind of a bummer the race was cancelled, but hey--we need the moisture! alright, so who else is sick of hearing that??!? actually, this just in... we don't need the moisture! we have 12 inches YTD of precip in Boulder, and that is 1.5 times more than in the previous 4 years. so i think we are good on the moisture front. mother nature can chill out on the rain--at least on wednesdays, saturdays, and sundays.

alright, enuf tirade... time for the pics! Marty was on hand with the camera, so you know it's gonna be good!

Andy Harmon gettin' after it in his first race on the new steed.

Pete Galt showed up with the home-brewed Klein... nice!

Pete continues to suffer as Lee, Bryan, and I socialize for our warm-up

Lee brought the pain to himself, all in the name of being strong for cross this fall.

Yours truly trying to move up after a hectic start.

just a quick video for those that don't remember what Boulder looks like in the sunlight.

So, the take-away from these pics is that shorttrack is rad this year... the CU kids know what's up, and as long as Mother Nature gets the memo, the racing will good fun for all.

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