Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stellar Cross Clinic August 7th, 2010

It felt like summer to most folks this past Saturday in the 100 degree weather. But, to those crossers attending the 1st BSV cross clinic of 2010, we dreamed of fall breezes, cold rain, winter snow and knee deep mud. Let the cross training begin!

Luna's Amy Dombroski shared experience and tips for all kinds of cross riders whether a beginner or expert. Drs. Jen & Andy Harmon (yes they are married!) provided secret training stretching tips and Paul McCarthy brought the great barriers on behalf of CrossPropz for everyone to fly over during drills. If you missed it, definitely come to the next one! Here are a few pictures to wet your appeitite.

'Bumpin' was Michelle's favorite Drill

The entire crew (including our youngest cross racer - Derrick; excluding the photographer - Michelle)

Amy tellin' it like it is after stretching
Who doesn't love a single speed with pink handlebar tape?

More of the crew
Paul & Amy kicking off the clinic with an AD/CD bang
Capstick holding back his excitement before jumping on the bikes
Some of the cross ladies

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NinjaPonyDad said...

Nice post, Michelle! Thanks for taking pics and putting it all together, we had a great time and were treated to Amy's wisdom and tips. With Jen and Andy showing us how to keep our bodies working! A fuul day of crossy goodness. Thanks to all that came out, and check out the next one on September11th!