Saturday, September 11, 2010

CX Clinic 2 - Amy Dombroski rocks!

First off, let me just get this out there ..... Amy Dombroski (no 'W'!!) is our new BFF.

Once again Amy offered up a great cyclocross clinic today, as only she can. The weather was perfect with not a cloud in the sky. Mad props also to Paul McCarthy for getting the gang together and organizing.

Come on people, wake up! Its time to get crossy ! Here Paul has his hand up because Amy asked who's a brown-noser.

It was a great turn out today ....... and a new location out at Redstone Park in east Longmont. It was off the hook at the park with football games and soccer, but we found some un-used nooks and crannies to get our game on.

It was great.... young and old, first timers and old hats... Amy dished up something for us all.
It was great to see some old friends .... love how CX will bring us all out of the woodwork.

Amy's great with working with people at all levels.
Skillz, skillz, and more skillz. Practice makes perfect people!! "Your skills don't thrill, need to do drills!" Lots of drills. On the bike, off the bike. Pick up the bike, put down the bike. Pedal fast, stop and turn around stuff. Ride your bike, lay down in the shade ... oops that last one wasn't one of them.

"Find something that works for you - then perfect it!" She makes it sound so easy.

In this picture you can almost see the cloud of knowledge flowing out of her head into ours.

Here's she's saying "I saw Dave dancing with his bike like this.."

Its great to get the full knowledge of someone who's raced at the highest level, all over the world. And its great because she's so down to earth and grounded.
Anyone else see the theme in these shots that she's the only one tough enough to hang out in the sun while we all cower in the shade ?
The CrossPropz portable barriers put the icing on the cake!! Thanks to Paul for bring an entire gaggle of them!! It helps so much to have those sweet break-aways (or we'd all have cut shins!). Doing tons of mounts and dismounts sure got my heart rate up, and showed I still have a few off-season cobwebs.

So after lunch, after too many chocolate chip cookies, it was GAME ON! Relay fast starts happened. Then "last man standing". Then ... the dreaded ... hot laps. All riders mano a mano. Each lap the slowest one heads to the shade to chill and heckle, while everyone else keeps going until there's only 3 people left. Oh my I guess I have some work to do on my fitness!!!!

Unfortunately, she forgot to go over the "don't make contact with the ground with your head" rule early enough, and we had one small casualty. I won't name names but luckily the skull in question is a thick one :-) Feel better ________!!!!

"Remember People, don't be a SQUARE! Cyclocross Rulz! Get crossy!" **
** Not actual quote from Amy, she's not that dorky

To follow Amy D. or find out more about her, go to her website!!

ps. quick shout out to Steve Capstick who could not attend, .... we were going to have him on the jumbo-tron via satellite uplink to monitor us ... we couldn't get a live feed :-)

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