Monday, March 21, 2011

Good times at annual knife sharpening (bike tuneup) day!

It's amazing what a group of people, snacks, grease and a club dog can accomplish in an afternoon! This is the second year that I've gotten BSV involved in my annual bike tuneup day and we had a blast!

Working with a team of around 10 people who came in and out during the afternoon, we had all kinds of silly fun fixing bikes. Among the oddities were a road brake that was bent about 1/4 back (how did that happen?), putting in a Chris King BB, bleeding brakes (told ya we'd do it!), stripping down a couple of bikes, walking one of our sponsor (Jeff Linroth) through some basic tuneup tips, some hefty belly rubs for Izzy the designated club dog for the day and I managed to loosen one bolt on one of my own bikes when not helping other people!

Here's a photo of the spread. I need to have people over to my garage more often!

Izzy ready for her next round of cuteness!

The peak of the work flow! Wow, my neighbors are really nice to let us take over the whole
back alley this way (or at least they don't complain!)

Patrick's new unicycle - he's such a good rider he thought that going without a front wheel would be more of a challenge (actually sending his fork and shock to Push for rebuild before upcoming epic MTB trips!)

Paul and Jeff engage in some bench racing while Paul strips down a bike to donate.

Bob and Sue Prieto stepped up and said that they were going to host next year (well, not really, but Bob kept asking, "Do you have an augmented punch with a 30 degree twist tool for extracting micro ball bearings?" When I'd say "What the hell is that?" He'd tell me he had three of them in his garage only creating a sense of great envy on my part, so now they're elected for next year!

In all seriousness, it was a blast! I can't recommend doing more events like this folks! Feel free to throw one yourself! A bunch of people came, we ate some good snacks, we fixed bikes and everyone had fun together!

Here are a few more pics that Becca took from the event!

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Cindy said...

Thanks to Kevin and Becca for hosting such a great day! Kevin thanks for all the help, I have now successfully bled the brakes on my Maverick and it stops on a dime! Fun times!