Monday, June 4, 2007

Elephant Rock Ride 06.03.2007

Castle Rock here we come!!!

So Blue Sky Velo rallied down to Castle Rock to join up with 6000 of our closest friends for a mongo group ride.
Two groups had formed, one going the full 100 miles, and another strolling along for 65.
The hundo group: Katie M., Rob L., Jose C., Kristin O and her hubby, Austin, and Brad.
Rounding up the 65 mile strollers was Dave K., Michelle, Steve, and Doug H.

Michelle and I camped out the night before in the ballfields to get a little tailgating in.
It was fun, and tons of poeple around. We got to watch a raging rainstorm blow through, which basically missed us but brought out some cool vistas.

ONLY to be awoken by announcer dude seeing everyone off at like 6am.

So, we woke up and started hustling only to remember that "hey we're only doing the hundred miler" so we waltzed over to say hey to the first part of the hundred miler group.
(then we un-ashamedly went down into to town to rustle up a starbucks), as we were going to meet steve and doug a tad later.

The ride was fun. Good times were had by all. The weather was epic.
Doug and Dave took FULL advantage of ALL the food stops (gluttons on wheels baybee).
Then, to our astonishment of the luck, the two groups ran into each other where both courses merged. Jose, Rob and Katie were hammering. Brad got a flat (which i think he was HAPPY for an excuse) and he and austin basically joined up with our slower group for the fun and frolics.

Its definately a must do for anyone who's into larger group rides. Its well run and really fun for the social aspect.
(see slideshow for more pics)

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