Monday, September 3, 2007

9/1/07 Santa Fe Trail Stage Race - Jose

I took a flyer off the front for a few laps. I wanted to stay away
but was getting tired and kind of chickened out due to a growing head
wind up one of the long straights. So I just hung in and tried to
help keep the pressure up. I wasn't making time on the guys in front
of me in GC so with 5 laps to go, I just sat in. I was watching one
guy that was 11seconds behind me in GC. With 2 laps to go, he kept
looking back, not paying attention, touched wheels with the guy in
front and went down hard. Since he wasn't there to contest, I just
relaxed and finished with the pack.

The TT took a lot out me and never felt like I had enough juice to
break away during the RR or the Crit so I just had to settle for
where I was. I can't complain, though. I did the best I could, but
Jim Hallberg (the race coordinator and a ringer from Lamar) and a GS
Boulder guy set the bar high with their TT performances.

I could have moved up a few spots, but 5th through 9th were all so
close, we were way too attentive of one another and wasn't letting
nothing get away. I also found it hard to race the RR with another
category. They had their own dynamics and their attacks impacted the
4's race. I'm not complaining. Half the time the 35+ 4's would be
in control and the other half, the 4's.

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