Sunday, September 30, 2007

Boulder CX #1 at CU Research Park

18 Blue Sky racers made it down to CU Research Park for the third leg of the BCR/BCT on Saturday. The day started early as many Blue Sky'ers were volunteering at the event; indeed, many sections of caution tape, the finish banner, and the start grid with call-ups would not have been possible without the diligent work of Blue Sky members throughout the day.

The course featured some pavement, 2 barrier sections with run-ups, and lots of rock-rittled single-track. It's truly a shame we didn't have BMX bikes in the pit!

8 men toed the line in the 35+/4 race. Brian Moroney was 12th, Dave Kilmoyer 21st, Jim Daus 27th, Kevin Abraham 34th, Kevin Graboski 38th, David Tanner 59th, Doug Haggert 61st, and Ron Dresher 62nd.

Next came the 35+ open race where Bill Teasdale continued his early season campaign with a 29th-place finish.

In the Cat. 4 race Isaac Dancy finished 7th, Bryan Grace rode strong in 17th, Jeremy Duerksen traded his motorcycle helmet for bicycle helmet to finish 20th, and Barry Schmidt powered home in 26th.

In the women's race 5 Blue Sky divas geared up for the biggest race of the year. Susan was 13th, Jenna 17th, and Jennifer debuted in 25th. A troll hiding beneath the bumps at the far end of the course spelled an end to Michelle's day with a fierce airborne somersault. Cindy Vanover represented Blue Sky in the 35+ race and finished strong in 8th.

The Blue Sky tent was once again the place to be along the course, and the free-flowing beer was found to be a great performance enhancer for the cowbell-ringing part of the day. Sssh, don't tell the UCI!

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