Monday, October 8, 2007

Cross Rules at Frisco

Blue Sky hit the mountains in fine fashion as 12 'crossers converged on Frisco for a weekend of cheering, heckling, cowbell, Dave Towle shout-outs, brats and beer. Oh, and there was also some racing, and as always, we laid down some ground rules:

Rule No. 1: This is how crit riders carry the bike.

Rule No. 2: Back troubles be damned, get a newbie on the course!

Rule No. 3: Do the double. 35+/4 podium regular Jim Daus multi-tasks cowbell and beer.

Rule No. 4: If a warm-up spill dirties your white gloves, crack out a new pair.

Rule No. 5: Say "yes" to the bunny hop! (Especially when the Blue Sky grill is smoking.)

Rule No. 6: When a certain Kilmoyer is having a birthday, eat cake.

Rule No. 7: Your old radio flyer wagon is for sissies. 'Cross calls for the all-terrain.

Rule No. 8: Get the hole shot.

Rule No. 9: Bring your pain face.


Jeremy Duerksen said...

great pictures Dancys! and happy birthday DK. where's all the snow you pansies were pussy footin' & worried about a couple days ago?

Isaac said...

Jeremy, I believe YOU were the one traumatized by the prospect of snow :)

Jason said...

Great photos! Wish I coulda been there racing or cheering.

Kevin Abraham said...

Rule #10 : If you say "YES" to the Bunny Hop, you get $5 in your G-String Skin Suit!!!!

Dan said...

looks like at least one guy really appreciated the dollah, dollah bills ya'll... ;)