Friday, October 19, 2007

Autumn Coffee & Group Ride

Picture this: cool autumn weather (approximately 50 degrees), 9 am, the aroma of Ziggi's excellently brewed coffee, Blue Sky kits and bike lovers. What do you get when you put all these things together? The fun group ride hosted by Michelle Vercellino on 10/13/2007!

Six Blue Sky riders came out on Saturday to enjoy all the fun and festivities while participating in a 2H15 minute group ride. I know what you are all thinking, 'group rides in fall???' but that is absolutely right! As long as it isn't Arctic conditions outside (and even sometimes then) we are out riding and increasing our base miles.

We all met at Ziggi's in Longmont at 930am and drank lattes/coffee. Some individuals even ate great pastries to gear up for the ride. We departed Ziggi's around 10am with warm, full bellies and swung by Blue Sky Cycles to pick up any stragglers. We then proceeded to the diagonal, to 36, to 66, and back to Ziggi's. At our moderate pace of 17 miles per hour, we rode approximately 40 miles.

Everyone had such a blast that none of us can wait until the next group ride. Look forward to seeing more of you there in the near future!

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Isaac said...

That pecan roll fed me for the whole day! Mmmm, pecan roll.