Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dickie Support Makes 'Cross Team Fly!

When you're racing a Cyclocross bike through slow grass, sewer smelling mud/water, over barriers as tall as your knees and squishing through a sand pit, what you need is someone to cheer you on!

And Blue Sky Velo sure does have that part of Cyclocross racing down. More than any other group or team or stand of spectators on the course, the Blue Sky Velo tent (make that 2 tents) was the most raucous, cowbell ringing, cheering (egging on the bunnyhop) enthusiastic crowd (kinda like our own little RockPile). Rob and TJ hung up the Blue Sky Cycles tent complete with full pit stop stands and tools and serviced a bunch of few bikes (even replacing Isaac's chain mid-race). Dan and Bill sported the Dickie overalls covered in Blue Sky patches. Dave K cooked up the brats on the BBQ and we had racing from 10am till 4pm. Who needs the Rockies when you've got a 'cross race!

Check out some pictures here: (open the "10.20 Interlocken (boulder CX 2)" slide show).

And don't miss next week's race at the Boulder Reservoir (flyer here: Cross races are the best spectator sport in cycling. And Blue Sky puts on the best spectator party - don't miss it!

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