Sunday, November 25, 2007

After Turkey Day Club Ride

It was a cold fall day, approximately 40 degrees when Dave K, Steve and I left the house for Ziggi's Coffee. All bundled up in our cold weather gear, we rode up main street with dreams of lattes in our minds. Excitement was in the air...especially since many of us ate more than our share on Thanksgiving day. We rounded the corner of 4th and main and what did we spot? Approximately 15 bikes outside the coffee shop! We obviously were not the first people there! Between 930am and 10am ~20 Blue Sky club members sipped coffee and ate wonderful pastries as everyone chatted about the upcoming ride. The group left Ziggi's promptly at 10am with full bellies and caffeine running freely through the veins. 2 by 2 (no, it wasn't Noah's Arc) we rode to Blue Sky Cycles to pick-up any stragglers. The temp. began to rise to a nice 55 degrees and everyone was feeling warm. We turned on Nelson and off in the distance, what did we see? More club riders ready to rock 'n ride! As our group grew to almost 30 people, we headed out to the diagonal. At a nice leisurely pace of 14-15 miles per hour, people chatted while sharing thoughts and goo. We rounded the diagonal, hit Jay road and then 36. A bathroom break was had at the driving range off of 36 and it was Blue Sky riders as far as the eye could see. Back on the bikes the group went to 66 for some extra base miles. At this point, the club separated into 3 smaller groups with some folks riding fruit loops in Lyons, others going to Rabbit Mtn., and still others back to 75th. WHAT A FUN DAY! With 30-50 base miles had, 2 flat tires and MUCH conversation, I'd have to say it was one of the best club rides ever. Leave it to the turkey (or ham if you are Kevin and Jennifer) to motivate individuals to mount and ride their bikes in late November. I know I look forward to many more to come. ---Michelle Vercellino

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