Monday, November 5, 2007

Boulder Cup Debunked

Coming out to the races and watching the Blue Sky heroes ripping it up is certainly a sight to behold, but what thoughts creep into those oxygen-deprived minds half-way through the race? It's time for a Boulder Cup edition of What were they thinking?

Jenna: Let's see Isaac try and register me for races when I'm in Europe!

Susan: You know this would be a whole lot easier without the sand.

Michelle: Who are you and why are you taking my picture?

Lee: I didn't actually remember to come on time, I was saved by the time change!

Jeremy: I totally have better chops than Geoff Kabush.

Mike: Is it too late to sell my bike for parts?

Dan: This is really uncomfortable but chicks dig it when I keep my mouth open like this.

Ron: I'm pretty sure I can't feel my foot right now.

Dave: I think I just puked in my mouth.

Bryan: I signed up for this?

Kevin G: Why am I seeing spots?

Kevin A: This is the way to beer garden, right?

Isaac: %$#^#@!#!!

Rob: You punks think you are so cool with your fancy derailleurs.

Jim: (Primal scream)

Bill: Draft this, sucka!

Bryan: Maybe I should start the next race on my pit bike so I can eventually ride the Merckx.

Jennifer: You know, I drag this stinkin' kid to race after race and I always end up on the edge of the picture.
Derrick: Should I let 'em know that I actually can walk? Nah!


jeremy said...

a weekend of stories in picture...perfect! After 2 of those races this weekend, I can barely read pictures let alone text. The pain on the faces is real - believe me! But so is the fun! If only my mom had weaned me onto bottles of Enervit (Derek's what - 2 yrs old?)...

Bryan said...

hmmm...start the race with my pit bike so i can finish the race with my number one bike, good idea! or you know last year i only had one bike and only needed one bike...plan "B" SELL THE PIT BIKE, any one want a 57cm Felt CX bike?

Isaac said...

Derrick is just 1. Kevin & Jennifer don't play when it comes to introducing the Enervit at an early age.

Anonymous said...

Sweet slideshow! Everyone is talkin' Blue Sky, and no wonder, we've saturated the categories! Did ya'll see Jeremy on the back page of the Colorado Daily 11/5?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Derrick could walk better than me after that one!

Anonymous said...

"I'm pretty sure I can't feel my foot right now." That was a good thing. It only hurt while I was riding on the the grass. :(