Monday, February 11, 2008

Skinny Skis At Devils Thumb

"It's much more interesting to change your life to suit the temperature than to change the temperature to suit your life. Life isn't meant to be lived year round at 70 degrees." - Mary Schmich. When the temperature dropped to 30 degrees and 'Old Man Winter' came to visit mid-February 2008, the Blue Sky Velo members broke out their skinny skis with dreams of Devils Thumb dancing in their heads.

It all began at 7:15am at Blue Sky Cycles. The Blue Sky Velo gang met with much excitement and anticipation. Rob Love and Tim Johns quickly threw the freshly waxed thin skis in the 'lead car' and the group was off to Fraser, Colorado. With a quick stop in Boulder for some morning lattes and a beautiful drive up the canyon, we drove to I-70 on our way towards Winter Park. There was a feeling in the air that the day would be epic.

The train of Blue Sky cars pulled into Devils Thumb Ranch, the day's destination around 930am. The 5000 acre playground was callin' for some action. The group dropped their stuff off in the day lodge and ran to the ski shop to pick up some more skis and the instructor...Igor. Igor rallied the club at 10:30am for a 'learn to skate' lesson. With so many different levels of skiers, one wondered how Igor could possibly teach such a diverse group. Igor stepped up to the challenge and had advice for every skier from Blue Sky. Michelle, Angie, Michael and Darrin began to feel the glide for the very first time. Dave K., Chris, T.J. and Rob raced around the course perfecting skill and impressing all the folks surrounding the area.

Rob and T.J. bought the group some of the best sandwiches made in Winter Park after the lesson and everyone took a quick break before going back out and practicing the techniques learned from the first 1/2 of the day. As Michelle, Angie and T.J. made their way around the 'Ranch Loop' focusing on weighting each ski and extending their glides; Rob, Dave K. and Chris raced to 'Blue Extra' for a double pole showdown.

At 3:30pm when everyone was completely out of breath and the quads were burning red hot, the group decided to head down the mountain. Michelle said goodbye while moonwalking back to carpool vehicle number 2 and the caravan pulled away heading to Longmont. Everyone chatted about the epic weather (35 degrees/clear skies/sunburned faces) and incredible experience had by all.

I'd have to say this was one of the best Blue Sky Velo/Cycles events EVER. When the weather doesn't allow for cycling, break out the skis and get gliding!

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Anonymous said...

You weight weeines with your skinny ski's and tiny tire's need to fatten up. I'd prescribe some 2.4s and a snowboard. Maybe a juicy steak too.;/