Tuesday, March 18, 2008

First Mountain Bike Team Group Ride!

Sunday March 9th was the first 2007 Mountain Bike Team/Club Ride. Six soles braved the 55 degree windless and sunny day to checkout the Devils Backbone and Blue Sky trail network up in Loveland, Co. Several folks met up at the Designated Kmart parking lot at Wilson and Hwy 34, only a few pavement miles from the Devil's Backbone TH. Ed, Darrin, Jessica, and Cindy. Running late, I met them at the TH. After a few minor adjustments on brakes and shocks...we all headed out to enjoy the trail. Parking lot was not very full which showed us that even at 11:00am, this meant the trail would be pretty empty.

Here are Cindy and Jessica are sharing the trail with some local hikers.

Here is a great view of the Back bone proper. The trail heads to the right with some climbing and then North up to Horsetooth park in Fort Collins.

Here is a short climb on the first loop at DBB--that is Darrin and Cindy up ahead.

Here we are regrouping at the last loop of the Devils back bone. Off the North end of this loop, the Blue Sky trail joins up. Starting from the left: Ed, Cindy, Darrin, Jessica, Amy and John taking the photo.

Here is Jessica with Cindy just ahead on the Blue Sky trail dropping into the valley where Indian Summer trail makes a loop on the left hill side. Just after this descent, Ed got a flat and we took a few minutes for trail side repair and Co2 101.

Here Jessica, John, Amy, and Cindy are climbing up to the Coyote Natural Area trail junction. This is about half way to Horsetooth. The next section of trail was fast and fun so no pictures until we started climbing back to the Devils Backbone trail system.

Here is Jessica, Cindy and Darrin climbing up to DBB from blue sky trail.

Here is Cindy about to rock it out on the rocky steps up to the overlook!

Here is John climbing up the rocky plates at DBB, only a few miles from the parking area--you may notice the rear shock is completely bottomed out after developing an air leak. That is what happens when yo do not wear your team kit....

Everyone had a great day despite the mechanicals and we did about 18miles but only just under 1400 feet of elevation during that ride--just about all on single track. There are many more miles to be had there when the Horsetooth trails dry out and also Lory State Park. If you ride it all, you can get in over 40 miles of single track. With a little pavement riding, you can get in even more by adding in Bobcat Ridge. Elevations can be in the 8-10000 feet with multiple laps on Horsetooth, Coyote Ridge and Bobcat. The pavement ride adds a little more mileage. Looking forward to the next group ride to meet some more of the MTB folks!

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