Sunday, March 30, 2008

3/27 Team Meeting Report

Excellent team meeting last Thursday! Thank you to everyone who gave up their evening's training for a couple hours to hang out, drink some Pumphouse beer (and Ziggi's coffee), meet 80 of your teammates, learn what's going on with Blue Sky Velo and get Race Day Nutrition tips from sponsor Dr. Rodgers of Colorado Sports Chiropractic. That's the quick overview of the evening... Not enough to convince you to pencil in the next team meeting?

Well then here are a few more details.

A few snapshots from the meeting: 

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One of Blue Sky Velo's new for 2008 sponsors, Dr. Jeremy Rodgers, accomplished adventure athlete, doctor of sports medicine, radiology and chiropractic presented: Race Day Nutrition tips.

But first each member of the Blue Sky Velo Board of Directors presented a short report of what their sub-team (MTB, 'Cross, Road, Club and Triathlon) is planning for the season. Lots of exciting plans for 2008 including racing, great deals, rides, parties, etc etc. To find out more, contact your Captain if you're not already in the 'loop'.

Find your team captain here (select "Directors/Team Captains" from the pull-down menu).

Finally, framed jerseys were presented to a few of our esteemed 2007 Blue Sky Velo sponsors - make sure you look for them hanging on the walls of Ziggis Coffee, The Optical Centre, The Pumphouse Brewery, Edward Jones, Blue Sky Cycles and the Longmont Athletic Club.

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