Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Promontory crit

Yesterday was the first crit of the season. I was happy with my race since I'm just beginning to figure these races out and I can't sprint . A big thanks to Kevin for his advice, clinics, and coming out to coach. His advice really helped me stay near the front throughout the race without too much difficulty.

The start was the WORST. It took them probably 20 minutes to fix duplicated race numbers at the start line while we stood shaking in the cold and wind but at least it equalized my lack of a descent warm-up. The course was similar to a circuit race with 5 roundabouts and a nasty longer headwind stretch with a slight uphill before the corner to the finish. I could move up easily on all parts of the course with the important exception of the headwind stretch which I often lost several spots on. At 3-4 laps ago, I tried a break with a college guy but only ended up pulling the pack, stringing out the field while listening to the college kid chear me on- not the smartest move. I saw Lee, Charles, and Ryan several times during the race. I even felt Lee's front wheel on my rear- I guess I changed my line-Sorry Lee- but nice recovery. The four of us finished with the main field. I know the other BSV guys were with us until a preme that further shattered the field making it tough for the guys further back. Believe me, I've been at the back and the front is much easier once you get there. While the race was constantly changing at the front (constant surges which had to be covered to maintain a position near the front), the front beats the accordian affect and effort required at the back any day.

The final lap seemed to come quickly. I'm guessing I was 15th at turn1, 1st thru turn 2, 8th thru turn 3, dropped to 13th on roundabout 4- forced into curb and had to break-karma for maybe not having the best lines myself, 13th final turn, and 10th? at line. I think I finished 10th (based on my count of what I think was 9 guys ahead of me immediately after the line; the photo finish failed so I'll never know for sure but I had to be in the top 9-11). Great first crit of the season guys! Thanks to Jeremy and Kevin for cheering us on. Jeremy, that pro,1,2,3 race was brutal. Nice job! I think you outlasted Zirbel.


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Jeremy's Promontory report said...

Great write-up Ho. Promontory Crit was a great first race of the season for me too - I lasted in the pack an entire 30 minutes of the race and got pulled completely from the race less than 20 minutes later. I wrote up some of my experience here: