Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another Shwitty Epic

What do you get when you combine record turnout, epic climbs, 6 flat tires, and a nearly full moon? You get another shwitty epic.

6 flat tires on Switzerland Trail necessitated a Dancy-Kilmoyer mountain rescue.

Beer and a burrito ... the standard-issue post-shwit meal.

Good times all around.


Eric Scroger said...

Thanks to all who helped me recover from my multi-flat road bike debacle. I was considering descending Sugarloaf road back to Canyon, but when JoseF accelerated up the dirt road off Sugarloaf, it was no turning back. I'll never forget cruising down the dirt trails and 4 mile canyon only by moon light.

Eric C said...

That was a *proper* ride!! It had everything. Lemans start, crosseyed lung searing uphill suffering, many flats to fix, many lessons learned ("oh, God, not another learning experience..."), spectacular conditions, lectures full of feigned concern from stoned motorists, and nobody left behind.

Scroger, that was just quick-turn karma for dangling in front of me mercilessly all the way up Sugarloar... :)

Makes me wish I could get out more than a few times a year! Gotta get back to work before I tear up... *snif*...

Eric Coppock

Jose F said...

I feel partly responsible for the 'epicness' of this ride so I'll add some of my highlights:

- I luckily decided to put a mountain cassette/derailleur on my cross bike as well as getting a night light. This paid dividends for me.

- The awesome pack ride up the canyon to the start of Sugarloaf was a thrill.

- Finding a riding partner halfway up the Sugarloaf climb after getting dropped made it so much more bearable. Thanks, Marty.

- My decision to climb to the Switzerland trailhead against better advice. I still have mixed feelings about this one.

- The rocky madness of the switzerland trail had me bouncing all over the place (probably more due to my 60 psi tire pressure). I was sure I was going to either flat or taco my wheel.

- Riding in the dark even with a night light was absolutely surreal. I had somebody with me but I forgot to ask his name. Glad to have been able to help!

- I did not think the Illegal Pete's stop would happen after the nightmare ensued. But alas, Scroger calls me and he gets there before I do!