Monday, August 18, 2008

Venus de Miles

Longmont played host today to Colorado’s first ever women’s only organized bike event, Venus de Miles! It was also my first entry into the world of organized charity rides (proceeds from the ride benefited Greenhouse Scholars). I chose this event figuring that you only get one chance to participate in the first of anything.

When I woke up to cloudy skies and light rain I began to wonder just how much “fun” I was going to have! However, by the time I lined up at Prospect Park, with 600+ other women (including several fellow BSV members) - the rain had subsided and the enthusiasm was back! As we wound our way through South Longmont, and out to Hygiene ,we pretty much had the streets to ourselves. Participants were whooping and hollering, enjoying the camaraderie in spite of the wet streets and overcast skies.

By the time we reached 36, skies had begun to clear and the roads were drying up, making for a very pleasant ride. Having signed up for the 35 mile route I headed south on 36, while the 65-milers headed to Lyons, before visiting Jamestown and then following the 35 mile route down Nelson, through Niwot and back to town.

Fully stocked aid stations were available every 10 miles, course marshals and police officers were out in force to help navigate the course. Music, lunch, photo opportunities and massages awaited riders at the end! What I enjoyed more than anything was hearing other women’s stories about the day, where they were from and how excited they were to be a part of Colorado’s first women’s only ride. It was fun to find out that quite a few of the women I talked to today said that they too were on their first charity ride!

An unexpected bonus for me were the numerous opportunities I had to share information about Blue Sky! Simply sporting my Blue Sky jersey generated quite a few questions about the club. I was more than happy to answer them – and based on their enthusiastic responses I believe we might get a few new members from this event!

Fun people, good cause, and even sunshine in the end,….overall it was a great day! I’ll look forward to participating in next year’s Venus de Miles as they plan to make it an annual event!


Last, but certainly not least, throughout the ride I was using tips I had picked up from other BSV members during weekend group rides earlier in the season. From navigating in groups, to hand signals and misc. group cycling tips, the ride was easier today thanks to those who shared their knowledge during my first club rides!

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