Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Weather Called For Blue Sky!

Sunday’s forecast called for another warm winter day so it seems there was nothing to do but head out for a Blue Sky group ride! The sunny skies that were evident in early a.m. gave way to clouds by the time a small contingent of BSV members gathered at Ziggis to head out towards Lyons.

Kevin A., Brad E., Dave K, David T., David W. ,Steve C., Angie O and fellow BSV members all seemed in good spirits as I caught this photo of them preparing for the prescribed 10 a.m. departure.

Asked afterwards for an account of the ride, Steve reported that "It (the A ride) was a brisk ride: a good warm-up, some hills, some wind, some fairly fast pace-lines...all good “racer” styled miles. The pace-lines are always clumsy at this time of year. A pro once told me that his team always works on pace-lines...and they always seem clumsy...and there’s always someone pulling over too late and leaving gaps, etc etc. Our pace-line was clumsy as hell, but it was pretty fast...so, in a way it was good training because we were constantly accelerating to close gaps...WHICH is just like a race...so fine. We’ll all get smoother. The ride was fun. It wasn’t competitive, and about half way through the stronger guys were doing more and helping the “less-strong” folks to stay intact which keeps the whole train rolling...in other words...we rode like a TEAM.”

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