Sunday, May 17, 2009

The half eaten Burrito.....

Well, headed out this morning to meet up with the BSV guys at Heil ranch to ride what one calls the "El Burrito Grande". It goes a little like this.....

Shave anyone?

10:20am Arrive in Heil ranch parking lot after riding from Longmont and enjoying some scenic views and taking some pics--Parking lot is pretty full but no BSV guys in sight.

10:45am Still no BSV guys, one more tour de parking lot and off I go up the trail. Maybe they said Hall? Solo ride it will be.

Okay, enough with the time line! ;) The rest of the day was incredible and it seemed that most of the BSV nation was out on the MTB today. Ran into a huge group coming down PR on my way to Lyons--Liz, Craig, Susan P, Brianne and Peter. A few chatty moments and I was off towards Hall. PR trail was busy and I found myself stopping in the nice shade to enjoy the breeze at the first rock wall switch back overlooking the valley back into Lyons. A hiker came up and commented to me that was her favorite spot in the front range and I have to agree. It was pleasant to hang out, eat food and talk to all the trail users. Here is a pic:

Another biker enjoying the fine Picture Rock single track!

Gathered my gloves and helmet and made my way to Hall via ghetto Lyons Singletrack and Old Saint Vrain road. Lee's van was in the parking lot so I knew I would at least see another familiar face. Funny thing was the parking lot was almost empty there--I am guessing that with PR now, you can drive less to Heil, park and ride all the way to Hall so why drive there now!

Hall was just amazing--no one there and it seemed like a ghost town at some points. Up the rock garden and I had the top loops to myself for both laps. Here is a vie of Meeker and Longs.

Only saw 7 other riders the whole time and enjoyed the descent immensely and took Antelope BMX track back to Lyons. Did run into Jessica on the way down and then Jeremy--one of the original BSV members. Great catching up and everyone just out enjoying their day.

Rolled back up route 7 to more ghetto singletrack and just before I hit it, got cut off by three kids in a white toyota camry--pulled up beside me and turned right, no warning, no signal. Nothing like locking up your brakes on pea gravel from the winter. A nice 6 foot skid and I blurted "LOOK OUT!!!!". I stopped just before slamming into the passenger door. The kid in the passenger seat was texting on his phone and had the seat all way back like some gang banger cruisin the strip. He looked over but his eyes barely could see over the window jam. I heard the girl yell over the music "I'm sorry" but she did not even slow down. Nice, 35 miles into a ride and the last thing I needed was an adrenalin rush to get me home! Just after that I ran into Dan and his family out for a Sunday cruise--Dan had the double trailer action going on--thought that was only legal in the mid west? Love to see him pull a U turn with that rig.

Lots of fun Lyons singletrack and off to Longmont Via 66 and Hygiene. Did a quick loop on Pella Lakes mainly for the facilities but it was a little more trail to tack on to the amazing day. Ran into Cal from the County and spoke with him for a moment.

My route was about 46 miles and right at 3K of climbing--this is a pretty standard ride for many BSV longmont dwellers so not really anything out of the ordinary. I think the Madden's do this forwards and backwards just to get some real mileage in! But, I call this the half eaten Burrito since I did not repeat the Antelope trail and PR back to Heil parking lot. Here is a basic track of my route today: first is from Sport Tracks and the second is from, well you can tell.

Nice little elevation profile to add.

So what happened to the BSV group? I have no idea--better idea came along maybe--thought I would at least see them on trail at some point but no luck. Nederland tomorrow--should be fun and cool up there--I think 74 where as the low land will be over 90 maybe!!

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KBK said...

The BSV group had their team duds in the laundry that day! Since I organized that ride and the only person who said he was coming (Joe) and I coordinated based on bikes we were riding. We saw you a couple times, but I didn't think you were riding the Burrito. But, I said "Hi" :) I'm sorry we couldn't coordinate, it was an epic day!

I'll post my Burrito ride here in a bit.