Tuesday, May 5, 2009

this one stings

hey kids:

a free pair of sox goes out to the first person to correctly post to the comments section of this blog entry whose bike this is.

i'll give you a couple of hints:

1. they are on the blue sky squad. that narrows it down to about what, 200 people?

2. they may be seen after a ride with an ice-pack on the genital region to calm the swelling.

game on.



Jose said...

OUCH!!!!! (did I guess right?)

bizalich said...

well, jose wins the pair of sox. look for him to be sporting them on a group ride in the near future.

while "ouch" isn't that specific of a term, it does correctly identify the rider (or should i say victim) of the saddle in question.

and, since none of you other punx guessed at all, i'm giving the sox to jose.

nice work!

Turkey Dave said...

Its the KBK's sweet butt launcher!!!

Holy smokes Rob, I just peee'd myself laughing so hard .....

'ouch' is right

Jose said...

Thanks Rob. I will proudly wear these sox! I am now on a winning streak and these will be my official racing sox.