Saturday, January 30, 2010

First day out on dirt in the new BSV diggs!

So, D. Stokes and my self headed up North on the dirt roads out of Longmont this afternoon for a nice relaxing spin. Such a change from the night rides!

David working hard on that new Salsa. Yeah right--look at those big wheels move.
David dropped me here on this small climb, almost lost him trying to grab the camera for a quick shot!

This church was catching the light real well at sunset. Wish I had my big camera....

Super fun ride and we got back just in time for darkness. About 3 hours and we put in 32.5 miles on dirt, well mostly dirt on our way up to Loveland! Guess I need to pick up my jersey now....

Some how I turned off my computer at the clothing/food stop and had to split the route...cannot miss Carter lake there on the left.

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Anonymous said...

that salsa fargo is an awsome bike, I should get one of those myself