Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Got your Cross Propz on?

Check it our folks. Cold, bored, and nothing to do on a snowy day? Don't fret. Put on some of your new warm BSV kit, find you some grass or dirt, get out your Cross Propz and have some fun.

These bad boyz, which are made by our very own Paul McCarthy, set up in 15 second and your ready to roll. No matching parts, no fuss, just take 'em out of their carrying bag and bam! they're set up.

Great for some off-season practice and road bikes are so 2008 anyway. As an added bonus, if you trip all over them and hurt yourself like I do, you can go see our beloved sponsors Dr. Jenny and Dr. Andy at Cloud Rest Chiro. They'll snap you back into place faster than the Cross Propz can fold back up.

Now what are you waiting for? Get off the couch and get you Cross Propz on!


Aharmon said...

Not only an easy setup and take-down, these things travel well(much nicer than my half-zipped backpack with big ole PVC pipe that used to fall out and roll down the street). AND, they're a lot safer than a log if you happen to clip a toe while bounding over them. Can you say bunny hopping clinic?

KBK said...

Sweet! I love the bag. Nice branding.