Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sourdough South MTB Ride 11072010

Toby and myself headed out Sunday am to ride a loop on the North Sourdough trail out of Peaceful Valley and the Hwy 72.

The cool part about the Sourdough trail is it goes through some very diverse terrain.

Summer like weather and perfect trail conditions. (TF)
Aspen trees with pine (TF)

Gropple starting to fall here a bit. You can see it on my bag.

Toby topping out on the Wapiti loop
This one was off camber, icy, and snowy, decided to walk it for sure to keep rubber side down.
Started Snowing on us out of no where. Wind picked up. We were way back on the Wapiti Baptiste loop, no where to run, no where to hide.

Descending in Snow...there is an art to it! (TF)

Fresh tracks too. (TF)
Fresh deadfall that has been cleared--the trail crews have done a lot of chainsaw work to keep this trail clear (for now!). (TF)

WHEEEEEEE Around the switchback. (TF)

DOUBLE WHEEEEEEEEE! We only rode about 12 miles I think but had a blast. This week could be it for a while up there. Have not loaded the GPS track yet. Most the trail is at 9500 to 9800 feet I think though.

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