Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weld County Tour!

A group of us from the MTB group headed out to Weld County for some dirt road riding today under the leadership of David S.
Phil M. and myself met up at David's house first and then off to a nearby park to meet some others. It was a little cool but the sun was attempting to peak through the clouds and warm our souls. We headed out just after 9am.
A few last minute checks before we left...
Phil warm and ready to go the distance.
Michael B. was waiting for us at the park nearby and shortly after Cindy cruised on in. Nice group of 5 of us to head out North/East a bit and be social.
Just a few miles later Cindy's seat started giving trouble. The binder bolt would not tighten enough due to a new cable support bracket that had been installed so she had the true low rider! Not very fun for 40 plus miles!
And then there were four....
The dirt was spectacular and tacky. No mud at all.
A few short road sections pieced the loop together. Not much traffic either which was nice.
A large dairy North of Longmont. Cows found us interesting.
Then Michael B. broke off from us and then there were 3.....
Pickett Dairy--David made good on the smells of Weld County for sure!
Heading Easy towards Milliken. David and Phil leading the way.

Phil still happy and enjoying a day off from cross racing.
Local Motor Cross track and a youth race going on--Phil and I recalled our younger days on 80's and 250's.
Heading South on the way back home. Then there was 2...well just kidding, Phil was still here, just did not make the picture. The three of us finished back at David's house happy riders. What a great day!
Elevation profile--only about 500 feet of total climbing today but mostly all dirt riding.
Our big loop. Ended up about 42.5 miles and we averaged about 10mph with our total time. Great day out and had fun hanging out with everyone. See you next time. Thanks David for putting it together!


Michael said...

Hey Guys,

Had a good ride, but no more profile pic's until I loose 25lbs.


Cindy Vanover said...

Glad you guys had a good ride! I was SO bummed. Rode all the way back home standing! Good thigh burner. Tried to make another seat post work but no I walked the dogs and then got on my road bike for about 40 miles. So the day wasn't a total loss but please invite me again next time and I'll try to get my darn bike fixed!