Tuesday, April 5, 2011

BSV Fruita MTB training camp 2011 Day 1!!

Everyone okay? We were sitting in the dark at the Glenwood Springs Brewery while they figured out why the power had gone out. A large group of 20 young folks just left and I think only gave the waitress about $5 in tip--she was blown, then the power goes. And we thought getting stuck in a little snow on the way back to Boulder was a rough day.

It all started Thursday morning when David S picked me up, we loaded all our "much needed" stuff in the car and headed out to Fruita, Colorado. The drive was smooth until about Bakerville where the sign said "Road closed due to vehicle fire". Yeah, this is I-70, what else do you expect? We site, Phil M calls. He is sitting too with Kevin VP. Check email, Kevin K is out. Weather is mentioned, the chatter starts on the BSV board...oh no, they are dropping like flies. Either way, we were going and we were going to ride! Traffic started up again and sure enough, a huge black Dodge pickup had caught on fire and was being towed out of the way. A quick service stop just after the tunnel and we hit Fruita in good time overall. As we passed the bare peach trees, Phil called again and they were headed to Mack to ride Mary's. David and I opted for the group site so I could do all the necessary coordination with the state park and make sure the group site was set up. David and I got the group checked in and camp setup.

David cooked up some mean fajitas.
Worked on the bike a bit-new rear brake pads, chain lube, and well, I decided to skip the rear King hub overhaul...being lazy.

Fixed the loose screws on my night lights--yep--lights, we were preparing for a Kestle run night ride under the stars!

David K, Michelle, Kevin VP, David S, and myself all headed out to the Book Cliffs which was shaping up to be a fabulous night for a ride. Michelle's first night and ride and first time at the BC!
David K proceeded to show us how deep gravel does not get along with slow speed turns--it was nice to have a little learning session before we hit the trails. ;)
David riding and doing something here....
A quick stop--the cows were all out in force jockeying for pole position on the trails.

Easy trail to do at night--we rode up it first to get everyone acquainted and then bombed it down--had the place to our selves!

Quick run back to camp and we were all in bed. Epic ride in Rabbit Valley for Day 2 and more BSV folks coming too!

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