Wednesday, April 6, 2011

BSV Fruita MTB training camp 2011 Day 3: Tour De Book Cliffs

The sun came up and no one was moving very fast. Rabbit Valley had done a number on all of us. Realized that I need to go to the grocery store for bfast food but had forgotten being so tired last night. Yep, I can see we are not going to ride until at least 10:30am again. The goal today was to hit the book cliffs and ride as a group. Some random guy in a red jersey decided to join us today.

The BSV nation packed up and descended upon the 18 road TH and unloaded 11 bikes/riders for as many loops as the legs can muster, or till the team dinner at Hot Tomato called! Who is the guy in the red jersey?
BSV group heading up Prime Cut trail.
Our goal was Chutes and Ladders. Just above Cindy here you can see the trail climbing up the steep slopes. My legs were tired today and I was curious if I was even going to make 10 feet of that climb.
Top of first climb on Chutes with prime cut just down to the left. BSV folks making their way up. I made the first climb, but burned the entire book of matches, or at least it felt!

Happy riders enjoying the view and the fish stories were already being spewed.
Red jersey guy somehow sneaks in again.
Enjoying more of Chutes as it heads East along the foot hills.
Last shot of Chutes as you open it up. Here its game on and super fun downhill back to the car. Decided to take on Vegetarian trail which reminded me of the road conditions in Fallujah. Bombed to hell. So many cow hoof holes.

Here we are on Frontside trail on our second lap from the parking lot. Came back up Prime Cut to Frontside and then off to Joe's ridge. Trails are steller, as always.
Joel showing how its done with big travel and wide tires.

Joe's Ridge--super fun and one roller coaster of a trail!
Some riders on the ridge

We headed down Joe's and then over to meet Kestle run half way down. That takes you on this 25 foot wide wash that the trail pumps back and forth down all the way to the car.

Climbing back up Prime Cut for yet another lap!

Mystery red jersey rider connecting Frontside to the top of 18road where we get on Joe's. Who is this guy again? How did he get in all the pics? ;)

Group shot at the 18road turn around. Smiles all around.
Joe's Ridge from another view.
Joel grabbed a nice pic here also!

Super fun group today and great hanging with everyone. We hit Joe's Ridge again and this time came back to this spot to get the entire Kestle Run in.
BSV peloton making their way up 18 road to let it all loose on Kestle.

Our little lap session on the Book Cliffs. 18.5 miles and 2000ft of climbing.

Here were the loops--great day with everyone. We all went to the Hot Tomato for a team dinner. Chip and Nancy from the Boulder Bike patrol also joined us for a pizza and beer. Great times all around and lots of stories shared. They do a great job there and I highly recommend stopping in. During high season, its a good wait, but well worth it. I have been eating there since 2004 I think. They are back on the side street to the North across main from OTE bike shop. Plan tomorrow is to hit the Lunch Loops in Grand Junction and see what the weather does. Lots of wind tonight and we had to re stake some tents.


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