Saturday, July 21, 2007

7/21/07 - Mt. Evans Hill Climb - Isaac Dancy

In the 3s it sounds like I had quite a different strategy from Jose. Last year I was in a 2-man break for the first 10k, and was promptly spit out the back of the group shortly after getting caught. This year when the attacks started at around the same point in the race, I didn't even react -- I just kept riding tempo. This put me by myself, but I kept picking guys off and dropping them. I was in a pretty good rhythm of sitting and standing, and would frequently drop guys when I was out of the saddle. This held up until about the 16-mile mark, at which point I started to suffer a bit. The altitude hurt in the last 5 miles, but I managed to come home in 18th place, 6 minutes better than last year at 2:10:38.

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