Wednesday, July 25, 2007

STXC # 7 Race Report - Rob Love Wins C Race

The big question for tonight's Boulder STXC series race #7 as we hunkered down in our cars while the rain poured down was would we be racing tonight? After a short delay, the rain clouds gave way to humidity and overcast skys and the game was on! First off was the juniors and women's B race with Drake Madigan and Sasha Milhous. Not sure how they ended up, but as I warming up for the B race they both looked strong. Next up was the men's B race and fellow Blue Skyers Rob Love, Mike Bernhardt, Kevin Van Pelt, Mike Madigan, and I lined up. Rob L. had great showing coming in third.

Here's Mike B. getting the whole shot...

...and me suffering off the back

After a short recovery, I lined up for the men's C race with Rob Love, Drake Madigan, Bryan Grace and Sasha Milhous lined up with the women's A group. Bryan was shot out of a cannon at the start of the race and got the hole shot by at least six bike lengths. Rob and I came through a half dozen or so behind. As we made our way around the back side of the course, a couple of guys went down hard in front of me. I was able to avoid the mess, but they looked like the were hurt pretty bad, so I stopped to make sure they were OK. After spotting the field about 3/4 of a lap lead, I got back on and was able to real in a dozen or so riders. Rob Love ended up taking the victory with Bryan in about 4th. Time for Rob to take a shot at the A's.

Last but not least was the men's A race with Dave Harber representing. Looked like he a good race coming in around mid-pack.

Next week is the last race in the series, so come on out and take a spin into the pain cave of short track.

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