Tuesday, July 31, 2007


The happy SHWITers ready to embark into the Boulder hills.

Real men ride Sugarloaf in a 39x18.

First time SHWITer Dave Jones reaches Mountain Meadows Rd.

Dave Killer-moyer reaches the top of Arkansas Mtn Rd within the Rolling Dancy Enclosure.

This SHWIT peaked at the Betasso Trail Head. All downhill from here!

Today in Boulder 5 brave souls tackled SHWIT #4, a truly epic journey of pain, suffering, and the human condition -- ok, who am I kidding? -- we get strapped into our 2-wheeled dirt-mobiles and burn just enough calories to justify the post-ride burritos and beer. If there's a cross race in the fall that involves going uphill until you wheeze, then continuous attacking until someone cracks, followed by a post-hill hug and communal CLIF Bloks and Sport Beans, well then, sign me up!

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