Friday, August 31, 2007

9/1/07 Santa Fe Trail Stage Race (Stage 1) - Horacio

Since you won't find it on velonews, here is the update...

Well, stage 1 (20 mile TT) is over. My TT went ok. I gave what I could today. Not my best race but not bad considering that I've not been able to recover my June peak form. The course was a straight out and back relatively flat. Tailwind out and tough headwind on the way back. I finished 4th of 19 cat4 35+. Unfortunately, I lost time to 1st and 2nd on the way back since I could tell I was pretty even or ahead on the way out (we started near each other). Right now, I'm 70sec out of third (BPN), 80sec out of 2nd (Mix1), and 2min out of first (BPN) with two guys within 45 sec behind me. It will be tough for me to gain a place but hopefully I can hold on to top 5.

Jose had a great TT. He is currently 8th of 21 in the cat4 but within a minute of 3rd (10 guys within a minute).

Tomorrow will be interesting. 75 mile RR rolling course with wind. 40 guys (19 35+4 and 21 4's). BPN has 4 or 5 guys in my group so I'll have to watch them and mix1 guy who will probably be gunning for first. I expect the 4s to really stir up the race with so many guys close. Jose and I will try to watch out for each other but we're not sure how things will play out since there will probably be a long headwind home stretch. Hopefully, tomorrow will go well for Jose and me. Then, it will be time for me to conquer my nemesis, the crit, on Monday.

- Horacio

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