Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Colorado Bike Law and Bannock Criterium Race Report

"...up at the front and slightly to the left of me a rider goes down with about 150 meters to go..." - report by Kevin Abraham

Colorado Bike Law Circuit Race at the Federal Center Masters 35+ Open - This was a Master BAR/BAT race so they are virtually always won in a break containing the 3 teams that seem to really care, Green Mountain, Excel, and Einsteins. The first serious move came up my left side on lap 2 and was my old teammate from Good Earth, Danny Sullivan. Unfortunately, I did not jump to his wheel and that was it. Eventually 5 riders ended up in it with the 3 requisite teams and they put almost a minute into the field. Given that those teams still had 10 guys left in the field who were all over the front, any chase was impossible. Another 3 or 4 guys got a small gap on the last lap when all the sprinters are looking at each other and I got approximately 7th in the field sprint for 17th. In retrospect, I did virtually nothing all day long and that was my down fall. When the key break went, I decided to wait (until next year as it turns out) and in the field sprint I started way to far back and waited to long.

Bannock Criterium Masters 35+ Open - This was not BAR/BAT but $1,000 cash 15 places deep brought out all the usual suspects. Unfortunately, I did not stage on the front line and the guy in front of me had cleat issues. By the time I got around him and a few others and got to the front (about a lap) the winning break was already gone. It went right from the line! This time the 3 big teams did nothing to go after the break (I think Green Mountain, and maybe Einsteins as well, thought they had a guy in the break.) The speed was very fast and the main pack even split with about 5 laps to go. This probably shelled about 20 guys but that break was to far off to be caught. On the final lap with less than 1/2 a lap to go making the left to go down the hill, I was in about 10th place when an Echelon guy right in front of me clips his peddle and hops his bike twice right in to my line. Needless to say feathering my breaks cost me a couple of places and going back up the hill, like Lee, I was to far back, about 15th. We take the turn and I chose the right hand side of the road. Unfortunately, up at the front and slightly to the left of me a rider goes down with about 150 meters to go and this causes everyone to swerve right leaving me with no more room and essentially bringing my race to a close. I sat up from there and came across for 25th. Very disappointing but a GREAT RACE! I would suggest that everyone give this one a try next year. Outside of a few pot hole issues, it is a great downtown criterium.

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